The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week # 57

I'm down a pound!

Never feel like a pound isn't enough. It is. If you have to, look up images of things that weigh a pound. You lost that. Period. AND you didn't gain.

Any loss. Take it. It's a win.

Okay guys, my laptop is somewhere in the middle of the country, on its way to getting a new fan, and a new shell. Posting on my phone is a pain in the butt. So shorter posts now.

See you next week!


Mrs. O said...

Congratulations on another pound gone. You're right about a pound being a great loss. I'm even happy with a half pound loss because it's still weight coming off. Ultimately, when you add all those half a pounds and 1 pound losses together, you come up with a big number so they count just as much as the bigger losses do!

Nicole said...

Just coming across your blog and would love to know how you're doing! Such an inspiration!