The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 367

This is going to be short because I need to go to bed!

Today was great, dinner with the girls was also quite nice.

Tomorrow is my weigh in and my fear is that I am going to gain some or maintain. Its my fear because I ate that burrito this week, and because I lost so much weight last week. I was good last week but I was also really sick and dehydrated. I'm hopeful, and I'm going, but I'm nervous. I don't want to let myself become discouraged. I wont let myself become discouraged. I can do this no matter what tomorrow holds I am back. Heck, as long as I have been here at this (a year) I am still learning and growing (In a good way!).

1/2 subway sub w cheese and mayo: 7
1 serving dark chocolate: 4
1 slice of pickle: 0
1 serving rice crisps: 3
chocolate chips (I had a moment): 4
2 serving spinach: 0
1 serving broccoli: 0
1 serving carrots: 0
1 serving pickles: 0
2 slices cucumber: 0
1 sliced jalapeno: 0
1/2 serving beets: 1
2oz (less) lean steak: 3
2 servings light ranch: 4
1 serving gluten free mac and cheese: 8
1 serving low fat rice crispy treat (I avoided the absolutely decadent gluten free chocolate cake I made for a friend by making these!): 3
bites licks and tastes: ?

All in all it was a good food day. On days when I am cooking a lot of new things I am inevitably tasting. This isn't an issue so much with low fat or fat free recipes, but for other things it can be. I didn't go overboard or anything. I wasn't taking bites when people weren't looking but I was tasting as I went. I think the system I am going to keep from now on is for every 3 blt's (bites, licks, tastes) I am going to count a point. Lesson learned.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 366

Today was about resting for me. I have worked out 4 times this week, which isn't bad since I'm trying to get back into the habit. My body however is really really sore. So I'm giving it a day. Tomorrow I'm going to hit the track. I want to give the strength training until Sunday or Monday before I push it again.

So today was boring except that I again kept to my points. I know that shouldn't be a big deal since it is the core of my plan but it really is a big deal for me. So, its a short update for today. Tomorrow I have some errands to run, and the track to do. I am making a gluten free macaroni and cheese and a green salad for dinner with the girls tomorrow night. Should be fun!

2 waffles: 2
1 serving syrup: 2
3 servings light fruit cocktail: 4
1 can beef vegetable soup: 5
1 serving rice crisps: 3
1 chunk blue berry muffin: 2
1 sand thin: 1
1 serving tomato: 0
1 laughing cow light cheese wedge: 1
1 serving rice crisps: 3
1 serving Asian glazed drum sticks: 3
1/2 cup brown rice: 2
1 cup sugar snap peas: 1

I'll probably have some popcorn before bed!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 365

I have been blogging for a year! I know, I missed a few days here and there, but I am incredibly proud of my little corner of the world here and really blessed to have been able to share it with all of you. I want to cover the past year, but I want to do it on Sunday after my final weigh in for the year. good or bad on Sunday I know I kicked butt this year. 98 lbs is nothing to sneeze at and something I never ever thought that I would be able to do. In doing it I have found that I am capable of so much more. So Sunday!

Today was epic, in a workout way. I went to my gym and did my full circuit, plus 40 minutes on the elliptical. I am trying to up my time a little every time I go to the gym to get my time back to where it was before I lost my stride. Then, after the gym (a few hours later) I went with a friend to her gym, which is open all night (which is super cool). We did a 30 minute workout that included step cardio and strength. It was really great, I didn't think it would be a work out but it really was! I also did 5 minutes on a different kind of elliptical. I wanted to try it out because I have come to love my gyms elliptical so much. It was good, a little harder, but I think that was because it was a different motion than the ones I use normally.

My arms are still really sore, and my legs are a touch sore too. I did some leg lifts yesterday and I think I finally managed to do the the right way...hence the pain. I'm going to go take a long shower, put on some jammies and go to bed!

All in all it was a really great day for the diet parade.

1 ww lf waffle: 1
1/2 serving nutella: 2
1 serving strawberries: 1
1 serving rice crisps: 3
1 larabar: 2
1 yogurt: 2
1 baked potato with cheese: 7
1 small chili: 4

I'm not too worried about not finishing my points as I went over them yesterday.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 364

This morning my husband moved some of the last of our stuff from the old house over here to where we are now. Essentially he filled our living space with boxes and bags of unsorted "stuff". So that is how I spent my day. Sorting things we want from junk and trash. My mom went to the gym without me (not entirely her fault, I was very unready by the time she got there). I did not fret too much though. I did some exercise videos, some crunches and some leg lifts. I also did some jumping jacks which hurt my already sore arms (from weight lifting yesterday). I am actually shocked that I am currently capable of jumping jacks. In any case by the time I was done exercising I was tired and my arms and legs were tired, so I guess it was good? I need a more focused work out for days when I don't get to the gym so that I have some measure of what I've done. Know what I mean?

My food was pretty good today. I ended up eating out for dinner tonight, and didn't make a great choice. I don't want to kick myself too hard though, I have the extra points and if I start to get too down I'll turn it into a cycle. I'm done with cycles!

1/2 cup rice: 2
1/2 cup peas: 2
1 serving chinese pineapple chicken: 5
1 serving rice crisps: 3
1 arnold sand thin: 1
1/2 serving chicken salad: 2
1 serving broccoli slaw: 0
1 serving honey mustard: 1
3/4 cup rice: 3
1 serving broccoli slaw: 0
1 serving sauce: 3
1/2 cup peas: 2
1 burrito: 19
38/38 + 5/35

I have weight training tomorrow at my gym and I have been invited to work out with a friend at her gym (late night). I think I am going to do both. Not to punish myself, but because I can, and so I should. Our car situation is becoming dire and so I need to take every advantage I get right?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 363

I had so many ideas for posts here today! I think I need to start writing them down for when all I have to talk about is my food and exercise.

I wanted to talk about Garrett from StagesofChange, but so many of you already have, and I don't want to rewound anyone. I'll keep it short. I missed the news of his death because of my absence. It made me cry. For him, and honestly, for myself. He was inspirational because of the daunting task ahead of him that he chose to acknowledge. Despite the ups, and downs that we all have he was trying to take control of his own war. I do not know how he died, and I wont make any guesses, but it does bring back that fear I wrote about a little under a year ago. It has been on my mind for a day or so now and I want to say that regardless of success in numbers I think this journey changes us. It makes us aware of our weaknesses and it makes us stronger for them. The end result isn't the only reward. I think we spend a lot of time thinking about what happens "when we lose this weight" but the path we take to get there is just as important. Even in death he inspired me. I hope that isn't too dramatic.

I went to the gym today! I wasn't able to do the whole hour on the elliptical I usually do, but I did 30 minutes, and I completed my weight circuit. My arms are going to be sore tomorrow. I had an interesting run in tonight at the gym with a woman I have never met before. I was signing into a weight machine and this very nice lady tapped me on the shoulder. She hadn't yet wiped the machine down and wanted to before I got onto it. She then asked me how I was doing and told me that she doesn't normally come to the gym, but that her husband had told her about me. I told her I hadn't been in a while. I didn't want to be like who is your husband because I'm shy and I didn't want to offend her. She realized in a moment anyway. She asked me how much I had lost (which I thought was kind of blunt but I want to be open about it so I told her) and then proceeded to tell me that she was frustrated that it was taking so long to come off (to be fair: she thought she was commiserating) and that she had lost 63lbs since her surgery in May, and where did I have mine done? I told her that I didn't have surgery, that I went to WW for the first time back in September of 2009. It got kind of uncomfortable after that, not in a bad way, but I think she might have thought that I didn't approve or something. It's a very personal choice and I know that it isn't any of my business. I shared with her the fact that my aunt is about to have it done (she is nearing 60 and can hardly walk) and that I think 63lbs is great. I also told her not to stress over it because slower can actually really be better.

This was an interesting run in for me because it was not the first time that someone meeting me assumed (without asking) that I had WLS to lose weight. I don't think that there is anything inherently wrong with WLS but I know that I can do this without it. I know that I need to do this without it. I want to struggle to get there so that I remember that when I am putting food in my mouth. I want to learn the skills to keep the weight off once I'm at a healthy weight.

My new shoes help up wonderfully to the gym today! I also learned that my gym is going to have Zumba classes too, and for much cheaper than the place I was looking at before. I'm just so nervous! I'm afraid I wont be able to move the right way.

Food was good again today:
1 serving cheesy orzo: 4
1 serving taco soup: 3
1/2 serving chicken salad: 2
1 arnold sandwich thin: 1
2 slices tomato: 0
1 banana: 2
1 serving sweet chili rice crisps: 3
1 serving cheesy orzo: 4
1 veggie burger: 2
1 serving broccoli slaw: 0
1 serving light mayo: 1
1 yogurt: 2
1/2 cup brown rice: 2
1 serving chinese pineapple chicken: 5
1/2 cup peas: 2

Going to have some popcorn in a bit which will finish out the last of my daily points. I'm really proud of how the week is going so far!

Day 362

The gym was closed today, and I was baby sitting for a friend while she and her husband took their two older kids to the state fair, so it was alright. I did go out tonight after my husband took the baby home though. It was too late for the track but I managed a brisk walk for about 45 minutes. It isn't much, but it's in the right direction. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done much better at the gym. New shoes, new blisters. Ow, ow ow! I didn't have them from walking in them until tonight. I thought I had broken them in, but I guess when I really started moving they started breaking me in. So, since I'll be wearing said shoes to whatever workout I manage (the gym, the gym!) tomorrow I was wondering if anyone out there had a really great way to get rid of blisters (they are already broken) or cover them so that they wont be painful? In the past I have tried band aids without much success.

My food was really great today, I'm pretty proud of that.

1 can chunky tomato soup: 5
1 sandwich thin: 1
1 veggie burger: 2
1 banana: 2
1 serving homemade chicken salad: 4
2 slices tomato: 0
1 sandwich thin: 1
1 serving sweet chili rice crisps: 3
1 serving baked chicken breast (marinated in honey mustard, curry powder, fresh basil and ginger with just a little sriracha): 4
1 serving cheesy orzo: 4
1 cup steamed carrots: 0

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 361

Alrighty, so the bright side of being barely able to eat all week? I now get full easier and I had a really good weigh in. I lost 9.6lbs this week (and I am sure that some of it is water being that I was/am probably a bit dehydrated) bringing my total loss to 98lbs and my current weight to 319.8.

I go back to the gym tomorrow (and at least Wednesday and Friday) to hopefully lose just two more by next Sunday.

So my throat is mostly healed. It gets a little sore right after I eat and in the morning it was not great, but for what its worth the only symptom I have left is tiredness. I think getting moving (but taking it a little easy at first) is probably the cure.

1 baked potato w/cheese: 7
1/2 small chili: 2
1 hot dog w bun: 6
3 oz chicken breast: 3
2 oz (or less) lean steak: 3
1/2 cup grapes: 0
1 cup broccoli: 0
2 slices pineapple: 0
1 cup baby carrots: 0
1/2 cup fruit salad: 2
2 tbsp dip: 2
1/2 bag popcorn: 3
1 tbsp spicy olive oil: 3
2 servings broccoli slaw: 1
1 serving enchilada filling: 4
1 wedge laughing cow cheese: 1

I bought some champagne grapes today at the produce stand. I think for dinner I am going to make some quick chicken salad and add the grapes in. Hmm... I think I did well at the cook out though. I sampled some of the meat, and I did eat a whole hot dog, but I didn't eat any dessert and my second plate was entirely fruit. You know what? I didn't miss anything. I feel so much better for having stuck to it.

On the road again...

edit: Scratch that. Chicken salad is a great idea for lunch tomorrow. Tonight I had some broccoli slaw sauted in some spicy olive oil with a serving of the leftover enchilada filling and a wedge of laughing cow cheese. Yes.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 360

I'm there!

I still have a sore throat (and after pushing myself to go out today my glands and ears were hurting again, but a little tylenol was enough) but I feel pretty good. Swallowing is also still not great, but it is definitely getting better.

I will be going to the gym Monday, if they are open. If not I'll head out to the track. Just to get moving!

Tomorrow I have grocery shopping and a family get-together. I can handle both of those!

1 grilled chicken sand: 5
w honey bbq: 2
1 cup fruit: 2
1 cup fat free frozen yogurt (plus one for the extra serving since a serving is 1/2 cup): 5
1 cup mac and cheese: 6
1/2 serving taco soup: 2 (whole serving is 3)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 359

I am so very definitely almost there. Almost all of my symptoms are gone, except being exhausted, my ears hurting and everything I swallow tasting like lava. Even that is getting better though. My tonsils have begin to shed the damaged tissue, which is weird. I think that when this is over they are going to be sore for a while. I still can not swallow very well. Today I have eaten 1 serving taco soup (chicken breast, beans, veggies for 3 points) and 1 corn muffin (2) with 1/2 a serving of cheese (1). I feel as though I am well enough to eat food I have to chew now...though not much of it because it still hurts like the dickens. I am feeling better every day and I hope that tomorrow brings me back to some sort of normal. My husband got some free tickets to an antique convention in the city and I'd do anything to get out of the house.

This has not been as wasted week. I did go back to my meeting on Sunday, and I am going back this Sunday too (I'm not contagious even if I still feel bad. I've been on antibiotics since Tuesday.). I've been blogging every single day, and I managed to get shoes that wont hurt my feet after I break them in.

In a way I guess I needed this. Patience is not a virtue I command on a regular basis. I think God/life/the universe is trying to teach me that good things come to those who want them bad enough to take their time and do it right.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 358

I think that most of the worst stuff might be over. I had a bit of a fever last night, but it was nothing like when it got up to 103.1. The worse of everything right now is that my throat is so tight and swollen and sore. It hurts from my glands to my ears, and the more I flinch from swallowing the more likely I am to experience a head ache.

I have been eating soft foods (almost no veg, though) and last night my husband brought me a frosty. It made my throat feel better for a time. It's been really frustrating. No one can understand me when I try to talk and the pain is just...ongoing. I feel really frazzled and cabin feverish.

I'm resting, watching The Ghost Whisperer (which makes me cry every single time), drinking lots of tea, gargling salt water and over dosing on throat drops. I'm also taking my penicillin and otc pain meds. I tried a chloraseptic but it just makes my throat burn. No, no no!

The icing on the cake? Slasher week just started!

Actually I am in a good mood, despite the sarcasm. I can not wait to get moving again. I feel like my bones are positively aching for the gym, or any activity at all. I want to be able to chew and swallow real vegetables without feeling like I'm swallowing sand paper. I want to eat anything but mashed potatoes (we are really broke (I bought shoes) until Friday and my brother works at a restaurant that makes really good mashed potatoes. They make soup too, but it has chunks, which are a giant NO for me at the moment.)!

So yes, if anything, I am frustrated. I'll live though!

Today: Soup: 6 (I managed to eat the noodles!)

For dinner (and this is tentative since being able to swallow (ish) now doesnt mean I'll be able to swallow later) is going to be taco soup (3 points) and a fat free corn bread muffin (2 points).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 357

Same boat as yesterday. My fever made it up to 103.1 last night before I started combining motrin with the tylenol I had already been taking which had not been working. The combination did work.

I had a bit of a fever this morning and swallowing was super horrible. Yesterday for dinner I had mashed potatoes, and I'm pretty sure that's all I'm going to be eating today. My throat is so swollen and tight and sore. When I talk my words do not sound english...

I will update if anything changes!