The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 364

This morning my husband moved some of the last of our stuff from the old house over here to where we are now. Essentially he filled our living space with boxes and bags of unsorted "stuff". So that is how I spent my day. Sorting things we want from junk and trash. My mom went to the gym without me (not entirely her fault, I was very unready by the time she got there). I did not fret too much though. I did some exercise videos, some crunches and some leg lifts. I also did some jumping jacks which hurt my already sore arms (from weight lifting yesterday). I am actually shocked that I am currently capable of jumping jacks. In any case by the time I was done exercising I was tired and my arms and legs were tired, so I guess it was good? I need a more focused work out for days when I don't get to the gym so that I have some measure of what I've done. Know what I mean?

My food was pretty good today. I ended up eating out for dinner tonight, and didn't make a great choice. I don't want to kick myself too hard though, I have the extra points and if I start to get too down I'll turn it into a cycle. I'm done with cycles!

1/2 cup rice: 2
1/2 cup peas: 2
1 serving chinese pineapple chicken: 5
1 serving rice crisps: 3
1 arnold sand thin: 1
1/2 serving chicken salad: 2
1 serving broccoli slaw: 0
1 serving honey mustard: 1
3/4 cup rice: 3
1 serving broccoli slaw: 0
1 serving sauce: 3
1/2 cup peas: 2
1 burrito: 19
38/38 + 5/35

I have weight training tomorrow at my gym and I have been invited to work out with a friend at her gym (late night). I think I am going to do both. Not to punish myself, but because I can, and so I should. Our car situation is becoming dire and so I need to take every advantage I get right?


Ann (-8 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

I'm glad you got that exercise in, despite not going to the gym yesterday. Good job!

Rettakat said...

"I need a more focused work out for days when I don't get to the gym so that I have some measure of what I've done. Know what I mean?"

Totally! In order to make progress, we need a way to measure how much/how long we work. So maybe you could either time what you do, or go by count, or some other way to keep track. That way you can slowly increase, in order to make progress.

I am sooo low tech... I strung some pony beads onto a pipe cleaner, and whenever I do my rebounding, I shove a little bead from one side to another. And I use a little kitchen timer to tell me how long (otherwise I would ALWAYS quit too soon, LOL!)

Good for you for doing SOMETHING instead of writing off the day just cuz you didn't go to the gym.

You are such a Weight Loss Warrior!!