The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 363

I had so many ideas for posts here today! I think I need to start writing them down for when all I have to talk about is my food and exercise.

I wanted to talk about Garrett from StagesofChange, but so many of you already have, and I don't want to rewound anyone. I'll keep it short. I missed the news of his death because of my absence. It made me cry. For him, and honestly, for myself. He was inspirational because of the daunting task ahead of him that he chose to acknowledge. Despite the ups, and downs that we all have he was trying to take control of his own war. I do not know how he died, and I wont make any guesses, but it does bring back that fear I wrote about a little under a year ago. It has been on my mind for a day or so now and I want to say that regardless of success in numbers I think this journey changes us. It makes us aware of our weaknesses and it makes us stronger for them. The end result isn't the only reward. I think we spend a lot of time thinking about what happens "when we lose this weight" but the path we take to get there is just as important. Even in death he inspired me. I hope that isn't too dramatic.

I went to the gym today! I wasn't able to do the whole hour on the elliptical I usually do, but I did 30 minutes, and I completed my weight circuit. My arms are going to be sore tomorrow. I had an interesting run in tonight at the gym with a woman I have never met before. I was signing into a weight machine and this very nice lady tapped me on the shoulder. She hadn't yet wiped the machine down and wanted to before I got onto it. She then asked me how I was doing and told me that she doesn't normally come to the gym, but that her husband had told her about me. I told her I hadn't been in a while. I didn't want to be like who is your husband because I'm shy and I didn't want to offend her. She realized in a moment anyway. She asked me how much I had lost (which I thought was kind of blunt but I want to be open about it so I told her) and then proceeded to tell me that she was frustrated that it was taking so long to come off (to be fair: she thought she was commiserating) and that she had lost 63lbs since her surgery in May, and where did I have mine done? I told her that I didn't have surgery, that I went to WW for the first time back in September of 2009. It got kind of uncomfortable after that, not in a bad way, but I think she might have thought that I didn't approve or something. It's a very personal choice and I know that it isn't any of my business. I shared with her the fact that my aunt is about to have it done (she is nearing 60 and can hardly walk) and that I think 63lbs is great. I also told her not to stress over it because slower can actually really be better.

This was an interesting run in for me because it was not the first time that someone meeting me assumed (without asking) that I had WLS to lose weight. I don't think that there is anything inherently wrong with WLS but I know that I can do this without it. I know that I need to do this without it. I want to struggle to get there so that I remember that when I am putting food in my mouth. I want to learn the skills to keep the weight off once I'm at a healthy weight.

My new shoes help up wonderfully to the gym today! I also learned that my gym is going to have Zumba classes too, and for much cheaper than the place I was looking at before. I'm just so nervous! I'm afraid I wont be able to move the right way.

Food was good again today:
1 serving cheesy orzo: 4
1 serving taco soup: 3
1/2 serving chicken salad: 2
1 arnold sandwich thin: 1
2 slices tomato: 0
1 banana: 2
1 serving sweet chili rice crisps: 3
1 serving cheesy orzo: 4
1 veggie burger: 2
1 serving broccoli slaw: 0
1 serving light mayo: 1
1 yogurt: 2
1/2 cup brown rice: 2
1 serving chinese pineapple chicken: 5
1/2 cup peas: 2

Going to have some popcorn in a bit which will finish out the last of my daily points. I'm really proud of how the week is going so far!


Rettakat said...

It sounds like you handled your encounter at the gym very graciously. It's funny how people make assumptions without asking... or ask very personal questions.

I had a lady recently ask me point blank: so, why are you in the wheelchair?! Um... like it's any of her business!! People can be so rude, but sometimes they don't realize they are crossing a personal boundary. LIke I said, you were gracious.

Congrats on having a good week, I'm glad you feel good about it. That's what counts!

Dianne Stauber said...'s like we're twins. LOL. I've had people assume that I'd had or was about to have WLS and it's just not a reaction I hide well on my face. I also don't begrudge anyone their right to have WLS if they want's their choice. But I do feel like I have to really EARN this in every sense of the word - and I have half a dozen friends who've had WLS and I've watched them go through things after surgery that made me grateful for my decision NOT to have it.

Good for you for staying strong and doing this the way YOU need to do it!

shadowsknight said...

Zumba, zumba, zuummmbbaaaa. All movement is good movement, there is no good or bad, only move... Wanna go. What is the schedule btw? You can text it to me. ;)

Big Clyde said...

Good for you for getting to the gym. I'd be intimidated to do a class (and I don't know what Zumba is), but it sounds like you are doing great.

MissMaggot88 said...

please come check it out and pread the word =D