The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 358

I think that most of the worst stuff might be over. I had a bit of a fever last night, but it was nothing like when it got up to 103.1. The worse of everything right now is that my throat is so tight and swollen and sore. It hurts from my glands to my ears, and the more I flinch from swallowing the more likely I am to experience a head ache.

I have been eating soft foods (almost no veg, though) and last night my husband brought me a frosty. It made my throat feel better for a time. It's been really frustrating. No one can understand me when I try to talk and the pain is just...ongoing. I feel really frazzled and cabin feverish.

I'm resting, watching The Ghost Whisperer (which makes me cry every single time), drinking lots of tea, gargling salt water and over dosing on throat drops. I'm also taking my penicillin and otc pain meds. I tried a chloraseptic but it just makes my throat burn. No, no no!

The icing on the cake? Slasher week just started!

Actually I am in a good mood, despite the sarcasm. I can not wait to get moving again. I feel like my bones are positively aching for the gym, or any activity at all. I want to be able to chew and swallow real vegetables without feeling like I'm swallowing sand paper. I want to eat anything but mashed potatoes (we are really broke (I bought shoes) until Friday and my brother works at a restaurant that makes really good mashed potatoes. They make soup too, but it has chunks, which are a giant NO for me at the moment.)!

So yes, if anything, I am frustrated. I'll live though!

Today: Soup: 6 (I managed to eat the noodles!)

For dinner (and this is tentative since being able to swallow (ish) now doesnt mean I'll be able to swallow later) is going to be taco soup (3 points) and a fat free corn bread muffin (2 points).


midlife_swimmer said...

carbs, simple ones tend to turn into sugars and feed infection. Try just veggie based soups and chew until its super mushy? or carrot spinach beet juice or something? I know its sounds gross when you are sick... but I always feel better from eating real and absorb-able vitamins and such when I am ill rather than the sweets and white carbs I desire.

Big Clyde said...

I am so glad that you are starting to feel better. What a bummer. Hang in there, drink the frosty's and heal up.

Ann (-6.5 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

Feel better soon, Scarlet !! I'm glad you jumped on this Strep so quickly. You need that rest, but I know you are anxious to return to your normal activities. Cyber hugs!!

maranda said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

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