The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 366

Today was about resting for me. I have worked out 4 times this week, which isn't bad since I'm trying to get back into the habit. My body however is really really sore. So I'm giving it a day. Tomorrow I'm going to hit the track. I want to give the strength training until Sunday or Monday before I push it again.

So today was boring except that I again kept to my points. I know that shouldn't be a big deal since it is the core of my plan but it really is a big deal for me. So, its a short update for today. Tomorrow I have some errands to run, and the track to do. I am making a gluten free macaroni and cheese and a green salad for dinner with the girls tomorrow night. Should be fun!

2 waffles: 2
1 serving syrup: 2
3 servings light fruit cocktail: 4
1 can beef vegetable soup: 5
1 serving rice crisps: 3
1 chunk blue berry muffin: 2
1 sand thin: 1
1 serving tomato: 0
1 laughing cow light cheese wedge: 1
1 serving rice crisps: 3
1 serving Asian glazed drum sticks: 3
1/2 cup brown rice: 2
1 cup sugar snap peas: 1

I'll probably have some popcorn before bed!


Anonymous said...

Hello Scarlet! I found your blog through Jack's. :) I just wanted to say you're doing a fabulous job and you're such an inspiration to me. Keep going strong!

Rettakat said...

That's really wise of you to not overdo it, seeing as how sick you've been. Yay for being On Point. :-D


Christina said...

You are kicking butt, girlfriend!!!Recovery is when you build muscles, so you're smart to give yourself time. Take two days if you need to! What days are you strength training? Don't hit the same muscle group two days in a row, and don't lift more than two days in a row. You are doing AWESOME. :)