The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week #49 LONG post. Sorry.

This week was a little tough. I had a birthday party to go to on Saturday, and the food was not great. The hamburgers were 11 points plus each. EACH. I did not have one. I had a single hot dog (8 pp for the dog and the bun) and a metric ton of raw fruits and veggies, 2 bites of cake and a bite of dirt cake. Then one of my friends who rejoined Weight Watchers with me wanted to walk to the swinging bridge at the park. We attempted the walk before the cake was cut, but we were called back before we made it. Afterwards though we made the walk! It was a long walk and there was actual terrain unlike at the track I usually walk on. So many hills! When we made it to the bridge I actually crossed it. I was terrified because it moves! Total our walking for Saturday was 5.46 miles. I'm super proud of this walk!

Sunday was my birthday and Mothers day. We had celebrated Mothers day on Wednesday, which was also the day before my brothers birthday, This was a busy week for me! So since it was my birthday we went out to dinner with friends. We went to an Indian restaurant which is very much my favorite. I made good choices. I had bread so I did not have rice, ad I ordered tandoori chicken instead of chicken tikka masala which I have always gotten in the past. I also got vegetable vindaloo and had half of a vegetable samosa and a mango lassi. I split these dishes with my friends, and though I went into my weekly points I did not go over!

Today was different too. I have so many pulls on my time right now that I don't really feel like I have had much rest, and my birthday always depresses me. It reminds me that my time is limited and that I have missed opportunities. 

So I lost 3.6 pounds this week. We have a meeting leader who is long term and temporary because our permanent meeting leader is recovering from a kidney transplant. She is doing well and will be back in mid June. In the mean time I am really struggling with the current leader. She tells me I am losing weight too fast every single time I step on her scale, DESPITE the fact that I have a note from my doctor (yes, she made me get one, and it had never been an issue before), Today she told me that it was "Okay to lose less than 2 pounds a week."

So um, I know its okay to lose less, and honestly I am not starving myself. I am just really on right now. I feel like I have to remind her of the times I have gained and that my average for the last 8 weeks or so is 3.1 pounds which is ONE percent of my weight, and that my average overall is 2.9. I feel like I have to defend my efforts, or like I am being punished for doing well. So that stresses me out a lot recently. I don't want to leave my meeting because I seriously love the people in there. I want to stick it out until the regular leader comes back. She never gave me any trouble, and I never felt stressed about weighing in and doing too well...

I also need a new doctor (my old doctor retired and the new doctor is less than good.). But that is a long story for another day. 

I am also going to Chicago on Thursday and I wont be home until Sunday night. I am nervous because on these trips my food choices are not always up to me and counting is hard. A few of the people going are also doing Weight Watchers but they are not as on plan as I am on the regular. There is also a lot of work stress right now. The longer I stay a volunteer the more I think I might be done soon. Again, a story for another day.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful week and I hope you all have a successful weekend!

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