The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week # 53

I lost weight this week! I am down 3.6 pounds for a total of 154.2!

I was having a pretty good week until Saturday when we went to a cookout and campfire night at a friends house after a corporate meeting. We ate grilled foods, and I had HALF of a mudslide, and like a 3rd of a beer. I also had two slices of grilled teriyaki spam. Don't judge me, that stuff is gold. I also had a bunch of roasted marshmallows, our fire was epic, so it was fate. Fire + Marshmallows + Friends. I counted everything though, and while I used some of my weeklies it was not all of them (I had 30 left.) and it was worth it. 

You've gotta find balance here. I feel like this journey can't be all about cutting back. You're losing weight! Give yourself permission to have fun, and occasionally a cupcake. 

So this was the last meeting for the leader who had been substituting for our old leader (Who was out having a kidney transplant and she's coming back next week! This woman is a champ.). The substitute leader and I have not always seen eye to eye. We had a few "moments" about my weight loss being too fast, and I was required to bring in a doctors note. By the way, 1% of your weight each week isn't too fast. 1-2 pounds doesn't apply to someone who weights 400+ pounds. 

ANYWAY. It was the sub leaders last day and she had mentioned that she would love one of the dessert recipes on her last day. I don't know how many people in the group had connected with her, but I felt like no one else was going to bring her anything and guys, she cares. The one thing I can really say about this woman is that even if her leadership style was hard to get used to, she legitimately cares about every single member in the room. So I decided to make her and the other meeting member Pineapple Bliss Cupcakes. DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN they are amazing... I used sugar free cake mix though, and added an extra half cup of marshmallow fluff and it came out to 3 points total per cup cake with icing. They were great, and at 3 points, feel free to enjoy one on a stormy night after dinner.

So I hope you all have a good week, and that you find things that make you happy and keep you going even through struggles along the road on this journey. Hold on to the good moments and make lists of the positives. Create a space in your head for the future. You're worth it.

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Mrs. O said...

Great job on enjoying your time out, indulging in moderation and losing weight! It's what I try to explain to my co-workers that you can lose weight and still enjoy those favorite "sinful" foods if you do it right and track it.

One thing I learned about WW leaders is you have to find the right fit for you; just because they're a leader doesn't mean they can help me in my journey. They've all lost weight with the program and they sincerely care about helping members lose weight but they all don't understand what it's like when emotions play a major part in weight gain or what it's like to need to lose over 100lbs. I'm glad your regular leader is coming back because it's obvious she's a great fit for you! Enjoy your week!