The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 354

So I bit the bullet and went back to my meetings today. I have in the last month and a half done 7lbs worth of damage.

I knew I was going to gain and it stung a little, but being honest with myself and facing it is going to help.

I'm also going back to the gym tomorrow. Yeah I have said this before, and whats worse? Meant it every time. That is the slippery slope. Honestly though? I'm tired of sitting here wondering about that something I've stopped working so hard for. It was worth working hard for then and I want it even more now that I've come this far.

I'm back. If I have to struggle I will. I have to get there.

1/2 subway sub: 7
1 serving sun chips: 3
1/4 cup peas: 1
1 serving chicken w sauce (homemade): 6
2 serving green beans: 1
1 serving creamy ranch chicken and potatoes: 6
1 serving whole wheat pasta: 3


MizFit said...

and it's today.



Rettakat said...

Yes, you are back! You have more experience under your belt now, about what does and does not work for you. And I can sense your determination.

We WILL make it!

Ann (-2.5 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

Seven pounds is not too bad. You'll be able to knock that back down in no time. Look how far you've come already!! Glad you are rededicating yourself to the task at hand. Most dieters (myself included) have given up before - and it doesn't get us closer to our goals. It is getting back up after the fall that counts. You'll get there!!

Christina said...

Yea, a seven-pound gain sucks. This is meant to motivate, not enable: Relapses are part of the process. You've done so well for so long! Don't beat yourself up too much over this little bump in the road, girlfriend. You got this! (shrieked in a George Lopez voice)