The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Interjection! Goals!

So I was reading my Weight Watchers magazine tonight and I read an article about Stand Up Paddle Boarding and it looks amazing. Like it would be both fun and relaxing and I so want to do it.

Which got me thinking about things. What else do I want to do? Any Suggestions?

I am making a list on the side bar, so let me know if you have tried anything new, and let me know the things you really want to do! It's motivating to think about the future as possible as opposed to impossible all of the time.

We can do anything.


Mrs. O said...

Since I'm afraid of heights it's not something I would do but how about zip line? If it's water sports you prefer, there's kayaking which I hear can be really fun and a great workout. I hope to be able to do some kayaking or white water rafting once I'm in shape.

Scarlet Simple said...

OH that one is fantastic! I absolutely want to try zip lining! I found one near me that lets you do it "Superman Style" at 270 pounds or less! I am so aiming for that, but it makes me a little nervous to be at the weight limit so high off of the ground so I am going to aim for 250 for that goal!

You can do it! I wanna try kayaking too actually. I've always been afraid that I'd flip the boat. :/

We'll get there!