The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 172

I went red today! I haven't dyed my hair in years, and I really just wanted something different. The shades in my hair are violet red, red red, and copper. My aunt owns a salon and does great work, in fact in my entire life, no one has ever touched my hair but her.

Please pardon the exposed bra, and such. It is kinda hard to keep it all restrained without a turtle neck or something. As you can see I am wearing two bras. The girls are shrinking though - yahoo! I posted this one because I was told it was the best one of me in quite a while. I do like the next one though.

This is the same hair, pulled back.

I feel like since starting to lose weight I look better. I don't mean just size wise either. My skin, and my eyes are just so much more bright. Sometimes I feel the weight too, I just feel lighter on my feet. Maybe in my darker moments I should go grab over 60lbs of potatoes and haul them around the grocery store for a while to remind me of how far I have come. I kinda felt like I deserved some color!

There was no gym today, but that was planned because of the hair appointment (that was 4 of us getting overhauls at once, so it took some time). I have tentative plans to go tomorrow though. My goal is to get back to going 4 days a week regularly. I think I can hack it.

My meeting is Sunday too. I wont miss this one, or anymore if I can help it. I'm almost caught up to the parade!

1 1/4 cup bran flakes: 2
3/4 cup skim milk: 2
1 whole wheat wrap: 2
1 serving shredded potatoes: 1
1 serving cauliflower: 0
1 serving low fat shredded cheese: 2
1/2 serving shredded buffalo chicken: 3
1 veggie burger: 2
1 whole wheat wrap: 2
1 serving cheese: 2
1 zucchini: 0
1 jalapeno: 0
1/3 serving sweet potato fries: 1
1 serving ranch: 2
1 serving spaghetti: 3
1 cup sauce (heavily laden with veggies): 3
1 slice cheese: 1
2nd serving of dinner incl cheese and extra point for extra serving: 8
1 serving bread: 2

Short again, but only by 4 points!


Rettakat said...

I have to say, you really have the perfect skin tone for that hair color! Beautiful!

Lisa said...

I love the new hair color!
I so want to dye my hair shades of reds. I have, at the ripe old age of 38, around 80% grey hair :0 (no joke) and it is a resistant grey/white so it's hard to dye.
Your face is very pretty too.
I just posted a blog entry last night about my "girls" lol and the fear I have of everything shrinking BUT them. I am having these wicked visions of tripping over them. Right now my bra and my tummy hold everything upward...but when the bra comes off...(and if I lose this tummy)..I'm gonna be in trouble, lmao.
In fact, I wrote alot of the similar things that you have written about.

Your menu looks great. Congrats on that weight loss of your so far.

One of these days, I hope that I can have the courage to post my picture (I'm afraid that I may scare the daylights outta people)....hehe

WAY TO GO! Your doing awesome.


100in12 said...

great hair color! it looks awesome and you're right about your skin - i mean, i don't really know what it was like before, but it looks great now!