The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 173

There was no gym today but I was on my feet until a short while ago. We spent the day out, walking through stores so I did get a bit of (a weak) a work out.

This is a short post because I have my meeting bright and early tomorrow morning and I don't want to have any excuses as to why I cant go.

We ate out today with my mom, and honestly I didn't think I did that badly but the points values of one thing in particular shocked me. We ate at Outback today as we haven't been out in a good while and life has been so stressful we just wanted to get away. We took my mom to lunch too.

Some of a bloomin' onion (probably less than 1/3, but I figured I would count it high to be sure): 12
2/3 of a 9oz sirloin: 6
1 baked yam with butter: 13?? (GOOD LORD! I know the website calculates brown sugar on top, which I didn't get but seriously? There could not possibly have been more than a tbsp of butter on there. I'm counting the points as the website showed them though.)
side of steamed broccoli: 0
low fat chocolate milk: 8
1 serving sunchips: 4

My food was awful today, but being one point over doesn't bother me at all, especially when I haven't gone over my points or used any of my allotted extras in a while. I think that tomorrow I will show a loss, but I'm not sure that I will show one worthy of the time spent away from my meetings. I deserve every second of that though, and I'm back on track now. Here is to hoping for the best! I am really looking forward to being done with moving and getting back to a regular existence and not having to worry about moving for a while. It is completely doing me in emotionally!

Edit: I almost forgot to mention my NSV! I fit into a size 26 pants on Thursday night! WOOT! I am down from almost a 34! I need to take my measurements soon!


Rettakat said...

That is great to have the physical proof of all your hard work, getting to fit into smaller clothes. Congrats!

anne h said...

43 to 26 = awesome!
Good for you to let go of those points.
"Err on the side of caution," they say....
Better to over-calculate than to get a nasty surprise later. Most of us have under-calculated for so long, that we have NO IDEA what a portion is.
YAY and congrats.

Lisa said...

What a tremendous NSV that is. I bet your jumping over the moon with your new pant size.
Congrats to you. Your doing great.


Anonymous said...

That blooming onion sounds good.

What a Splurge said...

Sometimes success is the best motivator. Great NSV with the pants. You must be proud.