The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 304

I recently sent a picture into Jack Sh*t last night and he posted it! I took several including this one before I found one I was okay with. I would have sent this one but it was so blurry! She wouldn't hold still!

Today was a really good day. I think the slasher is ending and I will definitely be able to go to the gym tomorrow. It's still here but its so light now it should not get in the way.

Also, my food is definitely getting better now, I am getting a lot more veggies in throughout the day and my tracking for the last 4 days has been pretty on point. I did not get a lot of exercise today but my husband and I are going out tonight to walk (and try jogging again) before we settle in to watch a movie (The Crazies. I just joined Netflix and I love it.). I know you all think it is way too late (past 2am here in Baltimore) but Chad and I keep a different schedule because of his job. We are still a few hours from bed at this point.

Instead of karaoke tonight we went to dinner at Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant not too far from here.

2 ww lf waffles: 2
1 serving reduced fat syrup: 2
1/2 cup strawberries: 0
1 yogurt: 2
1 bag (4 servings) broccoli slaw: 1
2 tbsp teriyake sauce: 2
1 arnolds sand thin: 1
1/2 serving lunch meat: 1
1 serving light mayo: 1
2 tsp olive oil: 2
1/2 order thai egg rolls: 5
2 cups rice: 8
1 order lemongrass chicken: 12
1 thai tea: 2
1/2 serving hoisin sauce: 1
1 medium coffee w/ skim milk and splenda: 1
1/2 serving chicken and mixed veggies: 2
38/38 + 7/30

I did not eat all of the above at once from the egg rolls down. I took about half of it home and finished it there a few hours later...which is why I didn't add the extra points for extra servings. I also managed around 7 servings of veggies today!

Edit: We did take that walk/jog and we figured out that around my block 8 times is a mile. Now, that includes differing terrain and inclines and I jogged a good bit of what we walked (2 laps). I know that isn't a lot but I'm excited! I can jog! I jogged for what was probably another 8th of a mile tonight.

Also, growing up I used to do sit ups, is anyone else familiar with them? Do they actually help?


Scuttleboose said...

Saw your picture on Jack's blog! Yayyyy!

Katie J said...

I did too! Woohoo!

I was looking at your sidebar and was wondering how you have been doing since May? I did not see an updates.

Ashley said...

Nice new Sofa's you got there!

Rettakat said...

Great progress on the veggies and jogging!

Sit-ups: I've seen Jillian and other tv trainers have people do them, but modified so it doesn't hurt the low back. Plus they have then twist and turn, so all the core muscles get stronger, not just in front.

I do something similar with my boxing DVD (only in a sitting position) where they have you turning swiftly left and right, working out those core muscles. I can definitely tell I'm getting stronger in there! Plus, they train you to get into the habit of sucking in your tummy to the back while boxing... it becomes a habit and makes all the workout even more effective.

Ha ha ha... I crack myself up...ME giving exercise advice... too funny!


Rettakat said...

Oh, and I saw you on Jack Sh*t and got all excited... I know a celebrity, LOL! It got me all motivated, and I did one myself and sent it in. :-)


Rettakat said...

Oh dear, I'm back can't get rid of me, mwa ha ha ha.

I just a great article over at MizFitOnline that I thought you'd like, in case you missed it. It is for post-pregnancy women, but the info and exercises are for anyone:


Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

Hi, we were in the same post @ Jack's so I wanted to come say hi.

I remember old-school situps too. I think today they say you are better off doing crunches because they don't strain your back like situps do, and the lifting motion of the situp trains other muscles than the stomach (only the first part, which is the crunch part, works the abs)

Tammy said...

Way to go with the exercise! I am at my all time highest weight and with a recent gain to get here, my back hurts if I stand longer than a couple of minutes. I have been way too sedentary for way too long. I need to get moving. Your post inspires me, how much...we'll see tomorrow. Enjoy all the movies.