The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 305, 306, 307

This is me yesterday at the mall (its a complete mile around on the inside, which makes exercise really awesome!). I wear a size 22 pants now, but the girls (ahem, boobs) keep me from wearing a size 22 top. I'm still in a 26/28 top! That makes it really hard to ever, ever find a dress, not to mention that I have to wear a bra with straps. No ifs, ands, or buts. Otherwise the girls are a spectacle. Well, yesterday we were browsing in dressbarn and I decided to try this dress on. I just knew it wasn't going to fit (it was a 22) but it was so pretty. It fit! Not perfectly, but still, if I had the money and I would wear it more than once before suddenly being a size 20 or 18 then I might have bought it. I have never owned a dress I actually liked. I used to just buy the one (usually there was only one in the store) that fit for whatever occasion I was dressing for. My friend Nadine told me to twist to the side and not do yet another dead on front facing photo.

Weigh in was today and I lost 6.4 pounds in the last two weeks. There was no meeting last Sunday because of the holiday. I think 6.4 pounds is really kick butt! I am now 5.4lbs from 100 lost, and 24.2lbs from weighing under 300.

You guys are getting this post early because I want to hang out with my husband until bedtime with no interruptions. I will come back and update with my food though. I am going to spend some extra points tonight on some special ice cream!

For Retta (Because I loved your post, and your photo. I took this a few days ago and when I saw yours I knew I needed to post it): This is my Lola.


Rettakat said...

First, congrats on the excellent loss!

I sooo understand about the dress thing. You must be excited to be getting so close to finding more stuff that will fit... that you LIKE! Can't wait to see the one you actually buy when that time comes. :-)

And Lola! How cute are YOU!
There must be something in kitty DNA that makes them all want to curl up in our way at the computer. ;-) Guess where Vevie is, right now as I type!?


ॐ Ⓥ Niki Ⓥ ॐ said...

You look WONDERFUL! I love the dress! It must have felt so good to slide that on =D Congrats with everything! You're doing GREAT!!! =D

Jenn9474 said...

Congrats!! It feels so great to buy new clothes doesn't it!!! Even if it is something that you won't wear that many times, it is still so worth having a smaller size of something!!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! I have the same problem with clothes.

The good news and bad news is that my girls aren't shrinking, either. My waist is slloooowwwlllyy getting smaller, but my hips and butt have disappeared. (Never really a problem spot.)

So, I'm a three size woman. Hips: 14, waist: 16, tops: at least 18. sigh. I get so excited when I find pants that don't sag behind but fit my waist! :D

You look wonderful! congratulations on the loss, too. Almost 100 pounds! Wahoo!


Epiphany said...

Your pictures are so inspiring
! I am so happy to hear that you are almost at your 100 lbs loss. That give me strenght that I can do it too!

Splurgie said...

Nice loss this week. Very nice. You are inspiring!

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

:( you guys went to the mall without me.

Very nice dress I think you should have bought it.

bloojay said...

OMG you look so pretty, that dress is so flattering on you, it's georgeous, I want one!

I still have a lot of clothes from a few years ago that will fit me down to a size 22, but after I get under that I'm going to need to go do some shopping... looking forward!

Abbie said...

That's so exciting about the dress thing! And your cat is adorable :o)