The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 238

Remember yesterday when I said I would paint myself in positivity? My laptop wont turn on, and I am so upset about it that I honestly want to throw up. I know that sounds stupid, but it took me a long time to pay for it, and I have this immense fear that I will not be able to replace it. I have a warranty and HP is sending me a box, but it got something splashed on it and I'm not covered for accidental damage. I don't know if it was the splash, but I can guess.

I want to go ahead with being positive, but I feel like I cant catch a break here.

I don't have a weigh in for you for the first time in a while. My husband and I both slept through the meeting. We don't really spend a lot of time together during the week and our weekends are becoming increasingly busy. So on Saturday night we made the mistake of sitting up way to late talking, and kind of catching up. We don't know if our alarm didn't go off, or if we slept through it for over an hour, because that's how long it takes to turn itself off. That was then, and now I am putting it behind me.

Today, as step one, I caught up on all of the chores that were stressing me out here at the house. The ones that keep me glued to the house out of anxiety, instead of going to the gym. It took me all day, and was a lot of work, but I do feel better about that. Next to get back into doing a little bit each day and not procrastinating until after the gym, at which time I am always too tired. I definitly got my foot in the door today and it makes me feel accomplished. I still have laundry to do, but it doesn't make me feel overwhelmed and frozen.

Tomorrow I will be able to get up, go about my day and when it comes time to go to the gym, I should be ready to go.

One thing that I have learned about myself over the coarse of this journey which ties into the above is that if I am stressed I break down. My whole process suffers from eating to exercising to sleeping. So I am going to begin to take steps to make my life much less bumpy. I'm going to do more planning ahead, and I am going to learn to budget my time better. Not only have I learned this, but I am still in the process of learning it and doing something about it! I wanted to do something about the stress first because it is a big roadblock for me.

Spring Challenge Check In!

So this past week was bad, but this week will be better. I believe I failed on all accounts, except for the checking in today. I'm not going to dwell on that though, I am going to take a page out of Loretta's book: I am back, and so I am going to let my actions and words not only prove that, but guide me. Can I be depressed? Sure, I'm not sure I can avoid it. I can, however, avoid letting it drive this parade right into a ditch. Besides, my scale said I was down this week, and though I cant count on it, I appreciated the boost.

Something I like about myself: I like that I am determined to succeed. I am no stranger to starting over again and again and again only to all deeper into that hole. I'm not starting over and haven't yet. I feel like these struggles are part of the process and I'm ready to push past them now!


Rettakat said...

I totally agree with you... struggles ARE a part of the process... that's just life. It's how we handle them that make or break us. And you are being realistic in identifying them, and the stressors, and pro-active in dealing with them.

So, we are back. And onward we go! :-)

Googie said...

I am just like you. I get lazy and the house becomes a mess. When the house is a mess, my l ife gets messy too. I cleaned up my living room this weekend and I have noticed a huge difference in my mood. Keep up the great work!

CinciMom11 said...

Don't beat yourself up too much. You're going through a lot of changes right now with the move and all, so cut yourself some slack. Yea, it's important to go to the gym and eat right, but it's okay if your focus shifts briefly. You enjoyed some talk time with the hubby, and you missed your meeting. That's totally not the norm. Big hugs!!

Betty Rubble said...

You are making progress EVERY DAY even if you don't realize it! Keep up the good work...

日月神教-任我行 said...