The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 242

I got back to the gym again today and I'm really proud of myself because I got my circuit back up to where it was before I stopped going to the gym. I did a full circuit today plus one set on each machine including the ones that I wasn't doing more on before. My cardio is still at 40 minutes, but the machine tells me that I burned 740 calories today, so I'm not sad.

I'm hoping to get back to the gym tomorrow before they close, and before karaoke! We are doing an extra session in celebration of my birthday!

My food still isn't on par with the past. As long as the gym is under control I really need to work on that. This is really dragging me down and keeping me stuck in the 330's.

Today at the gym I found myself thinking about jogging again. I found myself wondering how safe it would be for someone my size, and then I started worrying about my ankles. You see, we used to walk the track, and there would be times when my legs would feel so tense. Not in pain or anything, but I really felt like I wanted to run. I felt that way at the gym today too. I remember being a kid and running and back then it felt really good. It was like opening my body up and really working out the kinks. I really want that feeling back. I have bad ankles as of right now though. I don't know that they will be bad once I lose the weight, so who knows? I shouldn't already be worrying. Though at least I'm worried about being able to run once I lose the weight and not how I could feel if I didn't. Because I know I will. I just need to get out of this rut once and for all!

All sides have to work together on this! I need to put myself back together already! Wish me strength, and hope with me that this is the last week I spend bouncing around in the 330's.


Anonymous said...

the gym was great WOO HOO!

Focus on the food next!

Try a LIGHT jog on the treadmill and see how it feels. Then increase it a bit more at regular intervals--that way your not topping out and possibly hurting yourself.

LovelyMarie said...

You can do it!!

I sometimes wonder about running myself but I think I will start doing that once I have lost a little more. It can't hurt to try and see if you are comfortable jogging.

Good luck!


Rettakat said...

Does your gym have a pool?? You might like swimming... you can stretch out and let it rip, and not get hurt, and you get that fantastic whole-body involved feeling, all parts moving. It can be quite a workout, and yet without injury.

You are doing well, on the come-back!