The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 246, 247, 248

So after sending my laptop to HP I received a link to my order status, that not only said that my malfunction was out of warranty, but that the repair was going to cost me $398. Ouch. We cant afford that. Last night however I received a link from them again to the same page which provided a link to the tracking number for my "repaired" product, and the repair cost? Zero dollars. Wonder what is coming back to me in that Fed-Ex box? Seems a little too good to be true right? And all of this because my cat decided to urinate on my laptop. Oh yes, the litter pans were clean, and there is nothing wrong with him. He just decided that at that precise moment, it was imperative to wreck momma's day.

So I was given a reprieve Monday when the monthly slasher should have started, and I went to the gym. Tuesday it started, and that was pretty much that. Its pretty bad today also, but I think (please keep your fingers crossed) that it is lightening up. I washed my gym clothes today and hopefully with all sorts of back up I will be able to go tomorrow. I don't know that I will be brave enough to sit on any of the circuit machines, but I should be able to do cardio. I know I promised myself that I wouldn't stress over the gym when the slasher was visiting, but I don't want to slow down again, or lose any of my progress on getting back into the habit.

My food was not so great on Monday and Tuesday which probably had a lot to do with my birthday, but I got it straightened out by Wednesday and despite all of that I have gotten in all of my veggies every day this week. Progress? I think so. I also had a completely meatless day yesterday, and with the exception of a light turkey hot dog with no bread today will be the same. Not really on purpose per say, just the way meal planning fell, and really I don't think that having a meatless day or two on occasion can really be harmful. I get plenty of other protein.

The other thing I am working on right now is my sleeping pattern! Argh. Its all over the place. I either sleep too much or too little. I really need to get into bed by midnight on Saturday nights, that way I'm not dead to the world on Sunday mornings. I also find that when I get 8-9 hours a night I lose more weight...

Tonight is karaoke night so I will be getting home late, which is why I included Day 248 in this post. Tomorrow night will be Day 249 and it should get its own post!

Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to say or that I've already said too much. I don't want my lack of finesse with words to overshadow the importance of whats going on here. I am losing weight. Not always in a straight downward avalanche, but it is coming off. I'm grateful for that. Of all the things to teach me some patience, I never thought it would be this. The key to getting to goal though, I realized as this journey started. Never give up, never start over. Just keep going, no matter how agonizing it is to accept the mistakes as your own.


Ice Queen said...

Monthly slasher. lol

I have an old HP laptop that had a problem last year. It had to go in for service and I think that I was actually outside the warranty envelope a little but they still paid for the shipping both ways and fixed it for free. Good customer service, that. :D

Scarlet Simple said...

Someone once told me that instead of Aunt Flo, they called their period Uncle Freddy and that resonated with me to a very high level. Sometimes it is so bad I literally destroy everything I put on, hence: Monthly slasher. ;)

I love their services but I hate getting a tech on the phone, they don't speak English and never get my address right. It took me 45 minutes (I was timing it) to get them to get my address right. I love my laptop though, she is quite lovely.

Anonymous said...

My friend is "George"

This is very personal I know...but I have reason to mention it--I was like you I skipped the gym when George was here--now (for another week till infertility treatments begin again) I've been on the Nuva Ring (yup over 35, over weight and on birth control GASP)--and my cycles are SO LIGHT! You may want to mention the heavy cycles and ask if this would be right for you.


Rettakat said...

"Never give up, never start over. Just keep going, no matter how agonizing it is to accept the mistakes as your own."

Oh, that's EXACTLY the way I look at it, too. So many people keep saying they have to "start over" again... and it gets so discouraging. You are so right... just keep going!


Certifiably Fit said...

Happened to wonder over here from another blog and thought I would check things out. Like what I see so now I'm following you. Look forward to reading your blog in the future.

If you get a chance swing by my blog and say hello.