The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 277

I was not terribly active today but I have been incredibly active this week, despite it being a slasher week. I was out walking several days in a row (on the boardwalk!) at a pretty nice clip for several hours at a time. I'm not feeling too bad about a down day at this point. Though I do have the urge to over do everything so that I don't have to face the inevitable gain I'm going to see on Sunday. I have been pretty loose for the past 2 weeks, my only salvation being that I never stopped telling myself I was on a diet and so I wasn't going overboard constantly. I have a feeling that had I been able to cultivate that mindset a long time before now I'd never have made it to over 400 lbs. You guys are right though, I have all of the tools I need to go on. Thanks for that!

1/2 turkey sub on wheat (subway): 5
w/cheese: 1
w/mayo: 1
1 serving baked lays: 3
1 small mocha iced coffee with skim milk and splenda: 3
1 bag broccoli slaw: 1
2 servings soy sauce (low sodium): 1
3 tbsp teriyaki sauce: 2
1 ww ice cream bar: 2
1 (dinner size) serving taco soup: 7
1 serving cheese: 2
2 low fat whole grain waffles: 2
1 tbsp jam: 1
1 serving light syrup: 2
1 bag light popcorn: 5

1 comment:

Rettakat said...

You are so right... it is all in our mindset!

Yesterday felt like a rotten day for me, yet today, only one day difference, is "all better". The only difference is my mindset, which of course guides my choices.

We'll get there!