The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 292

Today was another active one. My husband and I have been out almost all day running errands and then really just enjoying ourselves together. We had lunch out together, and I thought I did pretty well actually, but now I'm not so sure.

I decided on a salad and we decided to split some nachos as an appetizer. I love nachos. (In fact if anyone anywhere has a great low fat or low point idea for nachos please let me know. I'm working on it too.) Then after about half of the (rather large) salad I was full. One half of the salad? 5 points. 1/2 of the nachos? 21. That ladies and gentlemen should be an equation of regret, but it is not. I've been doing pretty well, and still didn't go over my points today. Now I didn't realize that I spent so much on nachos until I got home, and hadn't really eaten much else. I guess that is a benefit of being more active? Okay, well then, deep breath, and get past it. Don't dwell Ruby.

In any case I have my weigh in tomorrow and grocery shopping and I need to finish my list. So far my meal plan (which is ever evolving based on sales and what I have in stock here) looks like this:

1. Szechuan chicken breasts, and steamed broccoli.
2. Chicken curry w/ brown rice and peas
3. Taco soup w corn bread
4. Chicken and stuffing casserole w green beans
5. Chicken mac casserole with green salad.

Hmm. Chicken, chicken, and...chicken. I have a bunch of it stocked, but hopefully will get something different this week. I don't actually have many beef or pork recipes, and fish is something most of my family wont eat.

What are you guys cooking this week?

1/2 serving leftover dinner: 6
1 ff wrap: 1
1 serving light mayo: 1
1/2 serving nachos: 21
1/2 asian crunch salad: 5
1 serving sunchips: 3

I need more veggies!


Raegun said...

I'm all chickened out! This week I have decided to mix up my dinner plans a little:
- stir fry with szechuan tofu and brown rice
- chili lime pork tenderloin with brown rice & salad
- some kind of fish (not sure yet!) in a foil pouch with veg on the BBQ
The rest of the week will be a mix of leftovers and a fridge purge. ;)

bloojay said...

I recently found used cookbooks "Cook Yourself Thin" and "Cook Yourself Thin Faster" and have been having fun with them. In the last week I made their turkey chili, vegetarian lasagna, roasted chicken & veggies w/herbs, "stuffed" french toast sundaes, peach crisp with home-made low fat fro-yo (compliments of my budding chef son), and low cal "fudgy brownies"... I'm really loving some of their recipes.

I've also been eating hummus on wraps with roasted veggies for lunch almost every day (home-made, low-fat), oatmeal for breakfast every other day & drinking at least 1 green smoothie every day loaded with kale & spinach, sweetened naturally with the stevia plants I grow on the porch.

Rettakat said...

I have a thing I like to do in summer when there are lots of fresh veggies around. I just call is a Veggie Salad. Not the lettuce kind, though you could add that, too, if you wanted to "fluff" it up. :-D

My formula:
a base of veggies of choice: some chunked, some shredded (zucchini it great that way), I can sneak in stuff this way that hubby wouldn't choose otherwise ;-)

the smooshy stuff: whatever kind you want; easiest is just salad dressing, tho I usually add other wet stuff like sour cream, plus spices of choice.

the protein stuff: whatever is hanging around or needs to be used up, like bits of chicken or ham or cheese or mock krab (that's what I have right now, yum!); and maybe a few beans like kidney, peas or garbanzos

Mix it all up, and let the flavors blend awhile, and it's a yummy complete cool summer meal.


Ice Queen said...

Nachos rule! They are the perfect food of ecstasy.

I miss them. So. Much.

One day, I need to try to make nachos that fit my new way of eating. :D