The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 295

Today was the day of my physical. I was actually pretty nervous. My experiences with doctors have not all been good. Everything came out pretty well except for two things. My TSH is high (which means my thyroid is low, and my triglycerides are high at 277. All of my other cholesterol levels were very good. My glucose is perfect, my kidneys and liver are great etc. She said I might be a little iron deficient but that because I have such a heavy period that it could be the cause. Also, my blood pressure is great.

She wants to do more blood work in 3 months. She said that the triglycerides could be explained because of my weight loss and my body trying to break down the fat, but it still worries me. When I got home and did a little research I also learned that my particular brand of birth control can also cause a spike in triglycerides. Either way I'm nervous. She said that if it didn't come down we might talk about medication, but honestly I might try going off of the pill first. Hopefully it wont come to either of those things. She wants me to try fish oil and limiting my fat and sugar more. I'm not actually looking forward to that. Yes, that was effectively a groan on my part. I don't want to struggle anymore, it really kills my motivation. I'm not actually saying I will struggle, only that I'm afraid. Not afraid of failing, just of losing my stride again.

I also cant afford my prescriptions (4 new ones for skin issues), plus I need to pay my gynecologist what I owe her in order for me to be able to get more birth control. Argh. It just never ends does it? I am ready for a break now! Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket.

Can I have a really big awesome plus side? I weighed in at the doctors office (cant avoid that one), and that scale read 325lbs. I'm not counting on it, but it would be nice right?

All in all it was actually a really good appointment and I am relived that I am no where near having diabetes and that all traces of high blood pressure (from when I was a teen) are gone. I am also thankful that everything else is good.

I think I am doing a pretty good job guys.

I think that despite my journeys pit falls I have really been succeeding. I'm not whining but sometimes it really feels like the deck has been kind of stacked against me lately. Oh, and I know there is no deck and that everything isn't actively working against me. Sometimes I just feel that way. We all do I think. It's just time to push it all back and deal rationally. I'm not going to lose track this time. It's my life, and I'm not willing to waste it wondering what if!

I went to the gym today, but since its an in between day for me I decided to do some swimming instead of cardio. I thought it would be relaxing since I tend to get so stressed when I don't need to. It was not relaxing. Somehow the YMCA messed up their schedule and there were too many people trying to use the pool for too many different things. I was kicked in the face by a man who was swimming with his head and torso under water and feet out. I let it go. Then his daughter asked him to stop because he was splashing everyone else in the face. He said: "I don't care, they all deserve to be splashed." I am not joking. I just got out. I had been swimming for 45 minutes so it wasn't the hour and half I wanted, but it was enough and I needed to be near a less stressful group of people.


2 ww waffles: 2
1 serving syrup: 2
1 serving chicken and broccoli mac and cheese: 8
2 cups chopped broccoli: 0
1 cup sliced peppers: 0
1 tbsp teryake sauce: 1
1 serving rice crisps: 2
1 serving salsa: 0
1 orange: 1
1 sand thin: 1
1 veg burger: 2
1 serving beef and veggie stew: 5

I will add the rest of my points after I use them!

Retta gave me an award! The I Love Your Blog award!

Here are "The Rules":
1. Thank the person that gave it to you.
2. Write 10 things that you love.
3. Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers.

1. My husband.
2. My cats.
3. My family.
4. My friends.
5. A quiet night at home alone.
6. My dogs.
7. Gummy bears.
8. Raspberry Iced Tea.
9. Singing.
10. Being able to see the stars at night.

Retta broke the rules and so I am too. I am not passing this on to any one person! The ability to share things about yourself belongs to everyone and honestly? I love too many blogs to pick just a few. Take this and share it with your friends too.


Carrot Jello said...

I didn't know Raspberry Iced Tea had a blog.
I'll have to check that out.

Scarlet Simple said...

Yeah, yeah I didn't label the list. ;)

Rettakat said...

Gummy bears... ha ha ha!

Sounds like you had an overall good checkup. That's encouraging.

I know what you mean about making changes to your routine, and it stirs up the fear of being thrown off stride. It's kind of a valid concern... I know when I've experimented and made changes it's been rocky at times. But you are aware, and I think that's half the battle.


Khris said...

Hey that was a good doctor visit. Crikies I have diabetes which I can control by diet...I take Metformin though because my Endo said with my family history it is best to take now as a preventative when my sugar levels may not be so good. I take medication for my high BP. Another genetic thing I cant avoid...even had that when I weighed less and not overweight. So you are a lucky girl. My cholesterol was up very high a while back due to diet and I had to take tablets for a while but they gave me bad cramps so I stopped taking them when it went back down. I have since kept it down with diet and exercise....hugs Khris

Christina said...

Wow, I'm glad to hear the physical went so well. You sound healthy!!! :)

Whenever I think I'm having a bad day with exercise and eating, I think about what Loretta always says: We want progress, not perfection. Even if you don't feel like you've been 100% on track, you're probably doing much better than you used to. Progress, my dear!!

That man at the gym sounds like an a-hole. 45 minutes in the pool sounds tough!! You do some great workouts!

Also, you won Loretta's challenge. She said she left my e-mail in a comment on here, but I haven't heard from you. Send me your addy here: christi dot patterson at gmail dot com

I can't wait to mail you your goodies!!!!!!! :)