The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 33

I lost 1.4lbs this week! Its slow going but its going down. I'm still horrible about tracking the way I used to. It was easier when I was writing everything down with all of my points but now I am finding it hard to write everything down and I am tracking using WW online system. You cant calculate the points values of anything using a slide anymore. Now we need their calculators or their online system. That part is annoying.

I don't feel connected to my group/meeting the way I used to either. I made it to a 5lb mark today and I didn't want to raise my hand when she asked for celebrations. I felt silly. I really miss my Sunday meeting group but meeting at 6pm is so much easier for me than meeting at 9am. Our schedule is not conducive to being an early riser.

My leg/knee is still pretty sore, so I skipped the gym tonight in favor of cleaning my house. I'm not sure what happened to make it suddenly so sore, but I am pretty sure I will be fine in a few days. I push myself as hard as I can, and I sometimes forget that weighing 400+ is already stressing my joints and bones and muscles. I'm probably going to keep pushing myself whenever I can. It feels good.

When I started this journey/parade again I was faking it until I found my motivation and my will again. I don't know how long that is going to take, but this week I really felt like I wanted to do this, and I was enjoying the gym and how the gym made me feel. It's a start.

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Rettakat said...

You're choosing to do the healthy thing for yourself, and soon the emotions will follow your choices. Especially as you see progress.

Congrats on the loss this week. It will add up before you know it!