The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 62, 63

I feel like I am beginning to feel better. I still miss Blue terribly and I still have this depression (that would be here regardless of circumstances) but I feel a little better. We planted our seeds in a starter tonight and set it under grow lights. Even that gave me a huge boost. I feel really good when I'm active I think.

So the diet parade? I have pretty much been holding it on the back burner. My eating is out of control but my activity is great when I get my butt in gear. I have been all out of sorts and I feel like my emotions are finally chilling out. The diet/lifestyle change is what I plan to really focuss on this week. That includes my sleep schedule which is all over the place.

See you guys tomorrow.

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Rettakat said...

Oh, getting enough sleep will make a huge difference! I had a rough day yesterday, but slept in today, and everything is better right from the start. Having physical energy helps in other areas. I know you'll bounce back fast. It's your m.o. :-)