The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 75

This post is coming early because I want to talk about something and I think if I wait until the rest of today has happened I will lose some of the sincerity in my written voice because I will have had too much time to over analyze and second guess myself.

A friend of mine (the one who had the baby a little over a year ago in January) has been feeling bad lately and since she had gestational diabetes she went into the doctor concerned that she might have the full blown disease now. Her diet is crap, all of our diets were crap growing up and she, like me, has PCOS. On the scale the doctor gave her she needed to score a 6 to be considered a diabetic. She scored a 5.9. She doesn't need to monitor her blood sugar right now, but they are putting her on a diabetic diet.

On a whim, feeling empathy for her, I told her I would do it with her. What have I gotten myself into?*

Honestly though I have lived with a diabetic who controlled her condition very well. My grandmother never needed insulin until she started cancer treatments and everything went nuts. Plus, lets be honest. I weigh more than 400lbs, have PCOS, and diabetes in my family history. This can not hurt me. I have done low carb (30 or less carbs a day for quite a while is what finally stopped my menorrhagia) and diabetic diets arent as hard. They are better balanced, more sustainable and work perfectly fine with Weight Watchers.

So now, as I sit here having my 1/2 cup of strawberry apple sauce I find myself asking a question in opposition to my original one.* What have I got to lose?

Over 250lbs.


Rettakat said...

Sounds like a healthy move. You can always start with a definite time frame in mind to commit to, so you don't talk yourself out of it on one of "those" days. Then, after that time frame (like 4 months, or whatever you choose) you can re-evaluate, and decide from there.

She might feel thankful for the extra support, but ultimately you have to do what's healthiest for you, as I know you already know. :-)

Rebecca said...

I started my low carb diet (<20g per day) on 2/7/12 at 384lbs. Today, I weighed in at 344lbs. I had tried Nutrisystem, Weightwatchers, restricted calories, lowfat and nothing worked until Atkins. It does take some planning and research so that you don't get bored, but thankfully, the internet is a plethora of great tasting recipes with something for everyone. My fasting blood sugar is always 90. I've only done it for two months and I've already ditched the arthritis pain meds and my high blood pressure medication. I can't recommend this way of eating enough.

Greg Robertson said...

Not gonna lie, switching over to a low-sugar diet seems really tough. However, is going to be much tougher than losing 250 pounds? It seems like just another straw thrown on top of a camel with a ton of straws on his back.

Good luck to ya, Im still reading all yer updates, its been 3 weeks, you're past due!

Rettakat said...

Not eating sugar or flour (& stuff that turns to sugar rapidly in the body) might SEEM really tough, Greg. But guess what? Once you get it out of your system, the physical cravings are GONE, and all you are left to battle is the head junk.. the mental battles and old ingrained habits.

But without the powerful physical cravings, I at least feel like I have a fighting chance! :-)

I gave up sugar and flour 3 years ago. There are just too many decent substitutes if you want a "sweet" fix, so there's really no excuse for me. Diabetes runs in my family (brother and sister) so I had to take this serious.

Change, permanent INSIDE change, can take time. We have ups and downs. Learn, re-set and go on. Totally normal. But doable.

I'm glad you left a supportive message for Ruby.. .she's special to me!!

Rettakat said...

Just stopping by to send you a cyberhug!


Anonymous said...

Where are you? I have been wondering about you and hoping you are ok. Please give us an update.

Betsey in Chicago

Scarlet Simple said...

I actually tried ton post a reply to this the other day but I wasnt able to do so. My phone wouldnt allow me to press the button!

I am okay! I am not hurt or anything.

I did not do well on my last walk down this particular path. I was so disappointed in myself and I felt like I couldn't express that here (which has nothing to do with you guys and everything to do with self doubt and self worth). I was so depressed that I went to a bariatric surgery seminar. Not that making that choice is bad but its a big deal. It's surgery, and not a small one and I felt like I HAD to go search it out.

I decided after that that I really needed a break from thinking about every single bite I take as a failure and every bad choice I make (and I have made so many) as something more than it is. I was killing myself over my failures and that isn't healthy. Even at the gym I would berate myself for not being able to go as long as I used to, even though I still felt better when I was done. I needed to try and love myself at this size too. It's hard to make good choices when you get as down as I was feeling. I needed a break, so I took one. I am in the middle of that now. I am no where near able to love myself honestly yet, but I am working on it. Anyone who wants a link to finding me and making sure I am still around can find me on Facebook: Ruby Lembach

I am working on my life. At some point I am going to pick this blog back up, but I need to be ready for it and not forcing myself down a path I am already overwhelmed with.

I'm not giving up, I'm just taking a breather, or the weight loss equivalent of a mental health day. Only I need a little more than a day.

I am so sorry to have abandoned you guys, I'm still here.

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