The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 71

I was more conscious of my food choices today. I did pretty well despite my last few weeks of grocery shopping being full of less than stellar food choices. I had:

1 package instant oatmeal
1 6oz container of light yogurt
granola/protein bar
2 cups (home made) chili w/saltine crackers
2 cups tomato soup (made with water, not milk) w/saltine crackers
1 sandwich (2oz chicken breast lunch meat, 1oz yellow american cheese and 1tbsp light mayo)
1 serving pickles
3 oz tilapia filet (lightly breaded with chili and lime spiced panko and cheddar cheese, baked)
3 cups steamed broccoli
1tbsp creamy italian dressing

I am about to have a fruit smoothie (also home made with frozen fruits and yogurt) for dessert. I will start listing points and such for everything eventually but I haven't even opened my WW online account since I stopped doing so well. I know I need more veggies too and a little more diversity. Until Wednesday though, I am working with what I've got.

I did get some cardio in today, out walking with my gym buddy. It was too cold though, and walking outside has it's limits for me so tomorrow I am heading back inside the gym for the Arc Trainer. I get less pain that way and I think I am better able to accomplish more. I want to run eventually but I need to tackle the first hurdle: My Weight.


~New Year,New Me~ said...

I never thought about listing the food that I eat on a daily basis on my blog. That is a great idea to hold myself accountable.

I wish WW had a way to move the information over to the blog.

I am enjoying WW the hardest part for me is actually hitting my points it seems alot of things that I love like fruit & veggies aren't worth any points.

I have been looking into trying some smoothie recipes any tips or tricks for a beginner ?

Good Luck on your journey.

Scarlet Simple said...


I used to out everything I ate every day into the blog AND into a marble copybook. It kept me on my toes and I was most successful that way. I wish I could port my WW info over here with the click of a button too.

When I first started WW I had that problem too. I found that I needed more variety in my day though which helped me lose weight and fill points. Also, I count extra servings as an extra point. Often the come up that way on the calculator anyway (if you enter the amount for two servings in as one serving often there will be an extra point added to account for metabolism) and that also helped me kill points.

The thing to remember is that you do not need to eat those points every day. Don't starve yourself and do not feel bad for eating every single last point. I tried not to eat my exercise points ever though, as I always felt like it was counter intuitive.

Smoothies are easy! Eat what you like! I am going to try making my first green smoothie this week, I will post the recipe when I make it, I believe Retta has a good one.

For fruit? I freeze peeled bananas. Then I throw a frozen banana, lots of other frozen fruit, some yogurt (milk will work if you don't have yogurt but yogurt adds more creaminess), and a little protein powder. You can add granola or what ever you want to the top when you are done to give yourself some texture.

Good luck on your journey too. :) Thanks!

Rettakat said...

Oh, how funny the topic of green smoothies should come up TODAY! I was going to make myself get back into making them now. I pooped out over the winter. Just too cold to be doing cold shakes! But the weather is about to turn soon, and I have some lettuce that is about to wilt, so I decided to go for it today. Here's the link to my first recipe for smoothies: