The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 213

Alright, so after today I have made a decision. I am not longer going to even try getting to the gym on Thursdays. If, by chance it happens, awesome! If not, oh well. I always end up super stressed on Thursdays with everything I need to do, and end up in a bad mood and late to karaoke...which I am not quitting. When you spend most of your days in the house something like karaoke night with the girls becomes quite important to you. I still want 5 days of exercise in though so I think what I am going to do is get some out of gym/at home exercise going on Thursdays and if I can get to the gym on a Saturday I will. The theme of the game here for me is: "Don't become so stressed and/or overwhelmed that you stumble again!" I got dressed for the gym today, left for the gym today with my mom (my only ride really as my car is very seriously not up to any extra driving beyond taking my husband to and from work) who then took us to Kohls. Yes, shopping. Can I call that being active? Right, I didn't think so. In any case she offered to buy me new gym shoes (which I now need so very desperately), but there was nothing on shelf in my size (11 wide - extra wide depending on the shoe, I have big feet.). She then spent an hour and a half shopping. I got home with less than an hour before karaoke started, and with dinner still needing to be made, and no gym having been had. Now, most weeks are not in fact her fault, but I'm done! I'm just going to adapt to the situation now.

Also Thursdays are notoriously hard on my food intake, as in I never eat enough on this day. The reason being: we are a late shift family. We usually have dinner between 10:30 and 11PM. Karaoke runs between 9pm and 2am. I stop eating at 2am, thus a pretty large chunk of my day is gone, and I can not eat bar food, and they do not allow in outside food. Also consider I usually go to the gym for 1-2 hours before karaoke, and I need about an hour to get ready to go to karaoke. Phew! Sometimes that's pretty stressful. This way I can use the bulk of my evening to fix and eat my dinner and get ready without too much stress.

1 serving cereal: 2
1/2 cup milk: 1
1 sub from subway: 12
1 serving Sunchips: 4
1 chicken and veg enchilada (home made, 2 servings of veg in each one): 6
1 serving corn: 1
2nd enchilada: 7
1 triple berry smoothie (three 1/2 cups of fruit in every serving): 4
1/2 bag popcorn: 2

So I had 10 servings of fruits and veggies today! And yes, I am counting the mega amounts of veg I make subway put on my sandwich, without I am still at 8 servings though, which is right about target! Actually I really think that today was one of the best Thursdays I have had in a while food wise.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with missing a day at the gym in exchange for something you like to do!

Enjoy your new THursday routine!

G said...

You have the same line of thinking as I do: you need to put your life and weight loss. If you force yourself to be miserable, you'll burn out.

Wednesday nights are cards nights damnit!

Rettakat said...

I have two brothers who were Marine Corp. Their slogan is:

Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome.

Your post today reminded me of that. :-)