The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 220

So between my friend and my husband we managed 3 more cats tonight! I'm relieved. They hate taking pills and they fight so hard...also the pills as they disolve in the cats mouth, make them foam at the mouth! Not in a rabid sort of way or anything, just the pills make them drool if not swallowed quickly! They will get over it!

Tonight was karaoke night! It was great, we had a great time, again no drinking for me. I did break my rule tonight though, about eating after points were only 12 before karaoke. So I ate dinner after, and had a snack to get me up a little higher. I worry only a little sometimes about throwing my body into starvation mode, but this doesn't happen a lot. I have a busy weekend coming up and if I can just keep my food really good (and by really good I do not mean eating less! I mean eating enough! You know, 41 points!) I know I will see a loss!

Also, I am toying with the idea of finding a band to sing with once I drop this weight. My confidence has already come so far...I mean, why not? I do love it so very much, and other people (not just friends so its not just out of love!) tell me I'm good. I think even if it went no where at all it would be a fun and worthwhile experience! Maybe that will inspire the courage in my to finally get my teeth worked would be about time. Look at me! Lose a little weight and I'm all inspiration and courage. Pfft. Wish I could have seen that a few weeks ago when I was down in the dumps hiding my head in the mud!

1 serving cereal: 2
1/2 cup milk: 1
1 banana: 2
1 yogurt: 2
1 can soup: 3
1 serving cheese: 2
1 serving white chicken chili: 9
1 cup grapes: 1