The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 226

This week is not going so well on the exercise front. I have been feeling sort of weighed down. It could be the weather, its been a little gloomy here in Baltimore. I haven't been sedentary though. I kinda wanted to talk about that difference in myself here. Not just so you guys can see it, but also so that I can, because I want the proof staring me in the face when I am being wishy-washy about the gym.

At 417.8lbs I could not walk all of the way through the grocery store without a break. I could not stand for the whole time it took me to do my dinner dishes. I could not walk my dogs. I could not sweep my floor, or tote my laundry up and down the stairs. I could not sleep comfortably next to my husband in my own bed. I had trouble putting my own socks and shoes on. Once on a trip the the DC Zoo with friends I cried on my way back to the entrance because I could not breathe and I was in so much pain I wasn't sure I'd make it back. If there was an outing with friends anywhere that meant walking I was likely to back out. Back in March of '09 I could not walk 1/2 of a mile on the track without pain, and I could not do more than 1.8 on a treadmill for longer than 10 minutes.

These days, despite my occasional bouts of laziness I can do most of the above quite well. And while I have not been back to the DC Zoo recently I am planning to go back. I can clean my house by myself and dance intermittently (which I did today) while doing so! I can put my shoes and socks on with almost no trouble, and I randomly walk my dogs (not so often as they are all well over 60lbs and the small one has pulled me right out of my shoes before!). I can do dishes while cooking, and without sitting down, and sometimes while putting away groceries. I can walk all of the way through 3 grocery stores in a row, and I don't have to sit down, ever. I can do over 2 miles on the track, and 2.8 on the treadmill for an hour or more. I have since moved on to the elliptical which has been kicking my butt ever since! As for sleeping comfortably? Almost every night.

I'm getting there... Now will someone please motivate me to go to the gym this week?

1 serving cereal: 3
1/2 cup skim milk: 1
1 banana: 2
1 can soup: 3
2 slices cheese: 3
1 banana: 2
1 bag frozen vegetables: 0
1/6 (maybe) serving sliced almonds: 1
1 serving black bean sauce: 1
2 servings rice crisps: 5
1 serving meatloaf: 7
1 serving green beans: 0
1 baked potato: 3
1 serving yammy pumpkin pudding: 4
1 bag popcorn: 5

I got in 10-11 more servings of veggies today! I'm never sure about frozen veggies...the bad says a certain amount of servings but it never seems to come out that way...


Rettakat said...

Sean Anderson likes to say:
Choose change, before change chooses you.

Having dodged a bullet this week, I know what he means. Right now it is VIVID to me.

If what had happened to me on Sunday had happened at 460 pounds, I would not be here to be typing this.

We MUST hold tight to our motivation. It is precious. For those of us with a long way to go, it can be tough to stay on high levels of drive, determination and fire.

But, with little breathers as needed, we must. So whatever it will take to stoke your fire... do it. Choose it. BE IT. You are doing so well!

Now keep going all the way. :-)
I know you will!


Anonymous said...

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

and you have made more than one! You're doing fabulously! Keep on doing what your doing!!!

M said...

Maybe try something else for exercise? Summer is coming, and there's other things that you can do instead of the gym.
Extra yardwork will be available...nice walks in the park, or nature trails. There's bound to be something else you co instead of the gym.

CinciMom11 said...

Your fruits and veggie intake is truly amazing!

Wow, you sure have come a long way in the past year! Imagine where you'll be next year IF YOU KEEP GOING TO THE GYM. Yea, you'll keep losing weight without the gym, but you won't become more physically fit without the gym. Hop to it, girlfriend!! You asked for motivation. :) Get that butt to the gym!!!!

Seth said...

yammy pumpkin pudding? sounds interesting. do you make it?

Physicallee Fit said...

Go to the gym. You will feel better.