The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 3

On to honesty! My husband and I have been staying up later and later every night for weeks and recently it has been worse than ever. This morning we got up so late we decided to finally correct this issue. I am not the kind of person who can just go to bed on time and get back on track. I lay awake. Case in point: The night before last I laid in bed for 6 hours staring at the ceiling or tossing and turning. So we are going to be up for the long haul tonight.

SO we got up extremely late (think evening PM) and rushed to go do the thing we needed to do today. I did not plan well and ended up with a burger and fries for a late lunch. I should have thrown one of the Weight Watchers frozen meals I just bought into the micro before we left because thinking back, I did have some time. I don't feel shame, but a little regret. I could have done better without much effort.

That being said I went to the gym, and worked out pretty hard today. For some reason the elliptical machine felt really hard today. I still did the full workout on it though before moving to strength machines. I also raised the weight on some of those. This is the second week of being back to the gym and some of the machines were getting easy. I think I have really strong lateral muscles (or everyone does) because I have no trouble lifting triple the weight that I usually do on those machines. My arms are the weakest part of me right now, but they are getting stronger!

I am having a great dinner though, I made baked tilapia with a home made sweet chile sauce, steamed jasmine rice. I am serving that with green beans, carrots and pineapple. At some point this week I will post the recipe.

Good night!


Rettakat said...

Some people would allow a mistake in one area to affect others, with all-or-nothing thinking. You don't do that! That's so great you did a good workout, and ended with a healthy dinner. :-)

Speaking of I'd better go to sleep now. :-}

debby said...

Came over to visit from Loretta's. Good job on getting back on track. You can do this, just one small step at a time. It sounds like you have plenty of help and accountability already built in. And it sounds like you are a very good cook--yumm!