The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 126

I'm back! Yep, for real this time. I am feeling so much better. A lot of this has to do with the fact that I finally went back to the gym today. Yeah, I know it took me forever. Honestly I was in a funk. I was so afraid of failing and so miserable that I was failing anyway. I didn't so much fall off of the wagon as trip and end up getting drug behind diet parade for a few blocks. Oh, the gym, right. I forced myself to go tonight and I am so glad I did. I feel absolutely relieved. I hadn't quit, but this feat means that I'm not going to. Another step so to speak. The gym was still horribly over full. People were milling around everywhere, and worse yet, their children were milling around everywhere. Don't get me wrong. I love kids. In fact one of my driving motivations for this is to gain the ability to have children. But tripping over them because their parents aren't watching them, and having to wait for machines, cardio and strength because kids are playing (which is a different story because its dangerous for children to play on some of those machines) on them is not so great. So yeah, I was terribly intimidated by going back, and by all of those people, but I did it because I knew I had to. I'm back, and I feel so good about it. Despite the weight lost and the accomplishments had I still have a lot of self esteem to catch up on. I'm back! Sorry about the downtime, but I sort of think that's life. You can not possibly always have good weeks. Life isn't going to slow down or stop or accommodate me because I need to lose weight, and I have had a lot of life going on. I'm adapting.

So today I did a full circuit. I also upped some of my weights on certain machines where I knew I could. I only did 30 minutes (1.23 miles) on the treadmill though. Not because I couldn't keep going but because there is a 30 minute limit if someone is waiting and it took me almost an hour to get one in the first place.

On to the food:
1 can of soup: 3
1 serving fit active crackers: 2
1 serving cheese: 2
1 ww yogurt: 1
1 granola bar: 2
1 bag popcorn: 5
2 servings green bean and chicken casserole (it was 11something and I was at 15 points): 18
1 hot chocolate: 4
1 serving ice cream: 3

Not so bad, I definitely had my veggies today, and I am so proud of the gym. I'm back!


Rebekah Costello said...

I'm so glad that making it back made you feel accomplished and proud of yourself. It SHOULD. You are doing such an amazing job, girl. Keep it up!

Buzzys Mama said...

I am new to reading your blog but I am so inspired by you. You have already made amazing accomplishments and I'm positive are on your way to making many more. It's totally hard sometimes to make yourself work out. Do you have a wii? I don't know if you like to dance but I know my wii has been my savior. I love to dance and build up such a sweat that the lbs melt and an hour to an hour and half goes by but I'm having so much fun I barely notice. It's defo a good investment if you don't have one. In any case, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Krissy and I'm from (my random blog) and (my weightloss blog that you and a few others inspired me to make) so I hope to see you around and if nothing else, I can't wait to see you're journey progress.

Buzzys Mama said...

Hey there, I hate to comment on the same post twice, especially when it doesn't have anything to do with the post but I didn't see any other way of contacting you. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. In any case you had asked on my blog how many calories I am managing a day and I'd say max 1500, minimum of 1200. I stay at a pretty even keal of about 1350 though which is good. I like good average numbers. LOL Oh and thanks for following me btw. :) Let's keep each other sane and in check :)

Scarlet Simple said...

Krissy - Hi! We have been talking, but I wanted to add a note so that you didn't think that I didn't pay attention to the whole comment. I have a wii but I don't think I am light enough to use the fit board yet, as I think it has a weight limit. As soon as I get there though I will be on it!

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