The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 137

So here I am still far away from home. I wasnt going to stay the night here but there was so much to do and the convention bought my husband and I a I cant make this a long entry because the hotel that these meetings are being held at has a 30 minute per person allowance for free internet...I can come back and say more later if I want but I will be busy. I havent been too bad today honestly, but for the 2 coctails I had towards the end of the night at the staff dinner (also free, top shelf). I have also not been inactive. There is so much to do. In any case I figure that for accountabilities sake I will tell you all what I have eaten even though I can not show you the points yet because I dont know them.

1 large light cinnamon latte
1 serving mashed potatoes
1/4th cup chicken gravy
6 oz roasted turkey breast
tons of green beans
1 cup salad
1 cup rice
2 (ish) oz chicken breast
2 bread sticks
1 cup cream of crab soup
3 bites no bake cheesecake

This was all day. I know I could have done better, but just estimating all of the things I think I know the points for I might be okay. Anyway, tomorrow is the weigh in and I am not going to miss it no matter what!

Edit: Also, I do have pictures to post, but I can not post them from the center here, they wont allow me to use my flash drive or my sd card.

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