The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 136

So I have to go push progress pictures back by one day. I had a horrible day today and it was only saved by my husband's suggestion that we go and see a movie we had both previously wanted to see, but thought we had missed. Avatar was seriously amazing.

I was out all day with my mom, and I didn't get a chance to eat until around 3, and then I ate again around 6 and I tried to get in one more quick meal once I realized we were going to the movies. That put me at 17 points, with 26 left to go. At the movies Chad and I shared their burger combo thing. The whole thing is four very small (and most likely microwaved) burgers with a small order of french fries. This is not the best way to spend my points! We also had some popcorn, and I will be paying for all of that salt in the morning. I dont know exactly what the points should be, but I am using ww online and calorie king for help in my estimations.

I have another very busy day tomorrow. I have a big meeting to go to and several small social scenes that I need to make an appearance at. Once a year I (and many friends) volunteer at a local convention in downtown Baltimore. I supervise a live and silent auction and an art gallery. For 5 days it is physically the hardest thing I do all year. Hopefully this year will be easier on me!

I also took my first active pill in my new pack tonight, so hopefully this means goodbye to the monthly slasher. I'll be able to move at more than a slugs pace, and able to sit on those strength machines without worry again. Soon.

Today on the run quite literally (and this is so sad):
1 ww frozen meal: 7
1 serving spaghetti with sauce and veggies: 6
1 ww frozen meal: 4
1/2 order french fries: 5
2 small cheese burgers: 10
popcorn: 10 (I know it is an over estimation, but I want to be careful here.)

I know, tomorrow will be better! Then Sunday is weigh in!

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CinciMom11 said...

I'm glad you two enjoyed a movie night! Your convention sounds like fun. Yay for taking the pill. I hope those work for you!!!!