The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 131

Today was weight in day, and over the last 2 weeks of not weighing myself I have lost 3.2lbs. Yeah, lost. I think I had fluctuated up a bit before getting back on this week. I am so happy to have the downward trend still going on officially though I need to step it back up. I am capable of more! Diet parade is still going on! However now that I am comfortably back on plan I think I should revisit those weekly goals I so hopefully made more than a week ago. I'm thinking that weekly goals are really good. They give me something to shoot for and every time I defeat a chunk of goal stuff I feel really good about myself.

My goals for this week (Monday - Sunday):

1. Get to the gym 4-5 days this week.
2. 240 minutes of cardio this week at least, no less. I am shooting for 300, which would be a 5 day gym week. Again it doesnt all need to be at the gym or on the tread mill.
3. Strength machines, the whole circuit, 3 times this week. Try really hard to get back up to 4 sets on most machines.
4. Wall push ups, and leg lifts. Yep, going to start both. 2 sets of 12 each to start, every single night. Want to fight the saggy skin!
5. Shooting for 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day. I know I am supposed to have 9, but since I have been getting in less than 5 I figured I could work up to that.
6. No extra points! This is a loose rule. I don't want to use them, but I'm not going to torture myself.
7. Eat a real breakfast every day! Not lunch for breakfast. Oatmeal, eggs, cereal, fruit etc.
8. Treat myself better. I have a bunch of things going on, including moving on March 6th and I need to keep my anxiety and my depression at bay here. I need time to myself, and I need to make time to keep my surroundings in check. My bedroom needs to be my sanctuary! My goal this week is to keep it completely in check and unstressful.
9. Track on paper again, as I'm not as good about tracking on the computer. I find I'm more likely to forget if I don't track it right away.

I also want to keep my hand weights handy in the living room. I'm going to be in a lot this week and I often get sucked in by the tv, so I figure having the hand weights there will be a boon. I can get some light arm work in.

I'll report on these goals all week. I'm shooting for 5 pounds lost again, which last time brought me 4. Who could complain? I started taking my inactive pills on Friday, so I'm sure I'll complain some. Going to get these goal done regardless of my period!

1 small chili: 4
1 baked potato with cheese: 7
1 cup mandarin oranges:1
1 can soup: 3
1 serving cheese: 2
1 serving crackers: 2
grapes: 1
2 blocks dark chocolate: 2
1 serving homemade orange chicken w/rice: 8
1/2 cup steamed peas: 1
1/2 serving dinner (again): 5
1/2 cup steamed peas: 1
2 cups hot chocolate: 8
w/ heart shaped marshmallows: 2
43/43 + 4/35

Wish me luck!


Buzzys Mama said...

Yay for back on track and 3+ lbs lost! You go girl!! You put me to shame with all your goals. My goal daily is to just be able to do any formal exercise that doesn't include chasing after my children. LOL But that's awesome and I am sure you will be able to accomplish everything you set out to do. Thanks for your comments by the way. I enjoy them:)

Rettakat said...

I'm glad you got an encouraging loss. And that's great about finding what works for you... the weekly goal approach is great!

Heart shaped marshmallow...sounds cute!