The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 132

Today was a good day. I did my full circuit and 60 minutes/2.6 miles on the treadmill at the gym and I feel great about it. It was easier today, so I know I'm getting back to where I was before I started to give up! I worked on my strength machine goals today too. I did 4 sets on a few machines, and 3 on most others, pushing myself. I don't push myself until I might get hurt but just until I honestly need to stop. On to the cardio goal! Out of 240 minutes I have 180 left. Still shooting for 300 though. I did not bring my weights down yet, but I haven't watched any tv today either, and I still have to do my wall push ups and leg lifts tonight. I will!

To anyone who says you can not eat good food on a diet: Puh! Tonight I had roast beef with carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy, and I am still under my points. I love cooking and I was so afriad that it was going to be an issue on this journey. I love/loved cooking rich foods. Stews, pastas, curries, etc. I was afraid that not only was I not going to be able to eat what I wanted, but that losing weight was going to ruin my love of cooking. I could not have been more wrong. I do get to eat what I want. Sometimes I have to cook things a little differently, use lighter ingredients and I definitely have to eat serving sizes. It does take some getting used to but the results are worth the learning curve! As far as cooking goes I was forced out of my groove so to speak. I have learned new cooking techniques and tons of new recipes. I have essentially renovated my repertoire.

1 cup bran flakes: 2
1/2 cup skim milk: 1
1 banana: 2
1 homemade grilled cheese: 4
grapes: 1
1 fresco chicken burrito: 6
1 serving fit active crackers: 2
grapes: 1
2 tbsp mashed potatotes (tasting while mashing): 1
5 oz beef roast: 8
2 servings carrots: 0
1 cup mashed potatoes: 4
1/2 cup gravy (home made! sooooo good!): 2
ice cream: 5
Total for the Day: 39/43
Leftover: 4

Getting better about the food and fruits and veggies! today I got in: 6 servings. MUCH better than before. Still working on it.


Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...

That is awesome. I wish I loved to cook. In reality, I hate it. Don't know why. I'm probably just lazy. Anyway, great job with all the exercise and the good eating! And thanks for the compliment on my blog. You made my day. Seriously and now I am EVEN MORE motivated to lose the weight. Thank you so much.

Rettakat said...

That is so great that you have incorporated your love of cooking into your new and healthy way of eating!
I agree with the way you've done it... picking a plan that you can enjoy and stick with... real food that you can enjoy.
Your dinner sounded delish!

Eat To Live said...

You're doing great. Keep with it and you will reach your goal.


CinciMom11 said...

You're doing great with the exercise and the eating! You always seem to spend your points wisely. I love seeing your food log. There's always so much variety!