The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 133

I was thinking about this journey a lot today. I think perhaps I am falling back in love with it. I never stopped needing it or wanting it, but I did stop enjoying it for a while. I need to remember how much I have gained on the path that I am taking. I have lost 57.4lbs. If I manage to lose 60.5 more pounds I will officially be under 300lbs for the first time in such a long time that I honestly do not remember it. I have been 350+ for so long. I honestly never ever thought I would ever be over 400lbs, but then I also never thought I would lose this weight and I know I am going to do that. I'm trying not to day dream too hard because I dont want to become impatient. I also know that losing weight wont solve every problem I am ever going to have but it would be nice to be in better shape to face them.

Things are happening! I am pretty officially a size 28. Not just in 1 or 2 stores, but in most of them. I can walk 2.6 miles in an hour or less, before I couldn't walk for 15 minutes without needing a solid break. My back doesn't hurt as much, my legs almost never hurt anymore, I can breathe and I don't swell like I used to. This doesn't even cover the positive influence on my self image. I look in the mirror these days and I don't feel as much like a troll. I even bought make up for perhaps the 3rd time in my entire life the other day...and I wore it instead of tossing it into a drawer for fear of drawing attention to myself. I actually found clothes in a store that I thought looked good on me. I found myself wanting to look in the body length mirror at the store, and when we left I didn't feel worthless! I felt amazing. Oh, and the best yet? I can hold my laptop on my lap finally! If I get results like this at 360lbs I cant blame myself for wondering how I will feel at 299.9!

It was cardio only today at the gym and I did my full hour, though I found myself wondering if I could have done 90 minutes. If time and crowd allows, I may try tomorrow. So my current cardio for the week is 120/240. I again did not bring those weights down, but again I haven't really watched any television. I also still need to do my wall pushups and leg lifts tonight. I managed to do my pushups last night but by the time I went upstairs I had forgotten about my leg lifts. I will be doing those tonight as well.

1 cup bran cereal: 2
1/2 cup skim milk: 1
1 oz beef roast: 2
1/2 cup potatoes: 2
1/2 cup carrots: 0
1/2 cup peas 1
1 serving stirfry no rice: 4
1 serving homemade pulled bbq chicken (roommate recipe): 4
1 bun: 4
1 slice light cheese: 1
1 serving sriacha: 0
1/2 serving light ranch: 1
1 cup mashed yams: 4
1 ww frozen meal: 6
1 serving fit active cracker crisps: 2
1/2 serving bbq sauce: 1
To be eaten soon:
1/2 cup ice cream: 2
1/2 cup blue berries: 1
1 banana: 2

So far I have eaten 5 servings of veggies today. I am going to have some fruit before bed though, which should bring my total to 7. I think I have done pretty well today!


Buzzy & Breezelys Mama said...

You are doing so fabulously. I am so impressed and like you said, if you feel this good now, just imagine the things yet to come. I know thats what keeps me going. Day dreaming is good as long as you keep reality separated. Dreaming is what brought you on this journey in the first place because if you didn't dream/desire to be healthy and fit and thin then you (like me) would have just been content being 'big'. You're doing soooooo well. ((hugs))

Rettakat said...

Oh, I just loved reading all the neat things that are happening. I was talking with an online friend who has lost around 200 lbs so far, and she said that when she got down to around 330, the changes started coming at a much more rapid pace. So hold on, more good stuff just around the corner. :-)

CinciMom11 said...

BIG HUGS! Girl, you are rocking the weight-loss journey! I'm glad you're seeing so many results! It's good to here you're back to enjoying this more, too.