The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 85

Just 15 more days until I make 100 days on diet parade! This has been a really off two weeks. My car died (again) Thanksgiving rolled around, bills and such were more than expected, and I kind of injured myself didn't I?

I started to type out this gigantic post about how I'm feeling about everything in my life right now, but I deleted it. It just isn't that important. I'm sure that when I look back at this years from now I wont have any trouble reliving the stresses I feel, but what I want to remember the most is the journey. Pure and simple. The fact of the matter is that outside of marrying my husband this is (and I know I have said this before too) the single most important thing I have ever done. Everything hinges on this. I'm standing at a fork in the road and I get to make a choice to either succumb to outside influences or just keep on trucking. I'm going to get to stand at similar forks in the road over and over again in my life. I feel like the right choice is always going to be the right choice, and if I want to live my life I have to choose it. I know that this sounds dramatic but I feel like to choose differently would literally be to choose death. I'd be condemning myself to a very confined life with a finite number of paths and limited choices. So I'll take my few days off (exercise only) and get moving again no matter how much I don't want to, and the longer I wait the harder it is I'm sure.

Time to relight my fire over here. I'm going to kill this demon and stop chipping away at my self worth.

1 arnold sandwich thin: 1
1 egg: 2
1 slice cheese: 1
2 slices turkey bacon: 3
1 can soup: 5
1 serving spinach: 0
1 serving light ranch: 2
1 serving pickles: 0
1 serving salad topper: 1
1 serving fat free cheddar: 1
1 ww mini bar: 1
2 1/2 servings (weight watchers recipe) chili (wanted to get my points in, there was extra, some spread out): 12
Corn bread: 6
Cheese: 4
1 cup ice cream: 5
Total for the day: 44/44

Wow, do I ever need to lay off of the cheese?! Tomorrow I also need to work on more veggies, and finally some exercise!


Rettakat said...

You wrote: "...and if I want to live my life I have to choose it. I know that this sounds dramatic but I feel like to choose differently would literally be to choose death."

Dramatic?? Not one tiny bit!! You are right on the money about the importance. You do NOT want to end up doing this journey at my age, believe me. I so admire you for having the guts and determination to do it NOW, to FIGHT for it now, and not let anything stop you. I am SO cheering you on!

Island Mama said...

I've never commented on another blog before, but I've been reading yours for the past few months and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with how you're doing.You're amazing! Just looking at your numbers (and I know it's not all about the numbers!)'ve lost consistantly for 12 entire weeks! 85 days! That's huge! You are doing it! Keep going... seeing your accomplishments helps motivate me so much.