The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 99

So this should be the last of the early in the evening posts. I'm getting the havoc that being sick brought onto my sleeping schedule taken care of. Hopefully today was the last of the completely horrible days.

I woke up this morning with hives on my face. Yep. I am allergic to the meds I was prescribed. So a few hours later I had new meds and more nausea. My stomach discomfort is one of the last actually debilitating things I am facing here. I'm having a hard time getting my points in (and higher point foods are what gave me my trapped gas in the first place I believe so I'm being gentle with those right now) and now my room mate is getting sick so there are no cooks in my house!

Tomorrow though I am going to get my butt up regardless and make dinner. I'm going to try a homemade spaghetti sauce. Nothing gourmet, but I forgot to buy some so...

I hope none of you think that I am happy about how I lost weight this week. I was jokingly looking for a silver lining when I said that there was always a bright side, but Retta is correct. What a hard way to earn it. I would much rather feel better and be able to get up and get some cardio in. I would love to be able to eat all of my points and not feel the need to sit next to the toilet all night. So no, I am not happy about how I lost weight, but am I happy that I did? You betcha.

Here is to a normal day at some point soon!

1 foot long turkey breast sub from subway (eaten at 3 different times during the day. I knew I wasn't going to be up to making myself food throughout the day so I got something when I was out this morning picking up my new meds. I think it was a smart move.): 10
w/cheese: 2
w/ light mayo: 2
1 baked potato w cheese: 7
1 serving bbq chicken: 13
1 serving ice cream: 3
Total for the Day: 37/43

I'm getting better! I might make it to 43 tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I can start eating more regularly with better choices.

Oh, and I had an NSV today. I am so used to taking my pants off without unbuttoning them anymore because they are way too big for me. After doing that today, I realized I was wearing my size 28's!


Rettakat said...

Hives?!?!?! Good griefus, one thing after another. Let's hope you can finally get past feeling icky.
Hey, I used to do that too, with the long subway. It was great for days when you don't feel well... you just nibble whenever on it. Good planning.

Patsy said...

Yay on getting your trousers off without needing to unbutton them! I've gone from a UK size 26 (US 24) to a UK size 18/20 since July and I always know it's time to buy new trousers when they fall off me! lol

Good luck for post 100 tomorrow! Another milestone... :o)

Tricia said...

Congrats on your NSV!