The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 94

So even though I have been fighting it, I'm finally sick I think. This didn't totally kill my day though. I'm just feeling progressively worse as time goes on, so short post tonight.

I woke up feeling bad this morning, but I figured it was more of the same since I had been feeling bad in the mornings for the past few days. I got up and went out to the mall with some friends and on the way there I thought that I was getting car sick. When I got out of the car I did feel a little better. Then about an hour into walking around (a lot of walking) I started to feel really bad. I stuck around so that I didn't rain on anyone else's good time since we all came in one car. After about 4 hours I went home, and the girls went to karaoke. It isn't stomach sickness (though it felt that way earlier) and my nose is fine, but my throat hurts, I'm coughing and my head hurts (which could be from the coughing.). I also feel shaky, but I don't seem to have a fever.

1 Arnold sand thin: 1
1 serving jam: 1
1/2 serving nutella: 2
1/2 subway sub: 7
1 serving orange chicken from panda express: 10 (yowsa!)
1 serving steamed veggies: 0
1 serving vegetable spring rolls: 3
1 can soup: 3
1 serving cheese: 2
1 serving cheddar nutella: 2
1 arnold sand thin: 1
1 veggie burger: 2
1 laughing cow cheese wedge: 1
1 serving pickles: 0
1 bag popcorn: 5
1 arnolds sand thin: 1
1/2 serving nutella: 2
1 banana: 2
Total for the Day: 44/44 & 1/22


1 comment:

Rettakat said...

Oh noes! I hope you are able to rest and let your body heal. There is a time for all things... and this sounds like "pamper Ruby's throat" time!
I hope you feel well fast.