The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 87

Wow, I am posting so early tonight. It might be because I finally feel better. You know what cured me? I walked 2.5 miles at the track tonight. I felt so much better when it was over even though it was a tough walk. The treadmill is so much easier than a real walk. However, all of the work I have done on the treadmill has given me so much. I couldn't walk a single mile on the track before I started using the treadmill regularly. My stamina has increased a whole lot. So, don't think that I don't respect that machine, because I seriously seriously do. Anyway, 2.5 miles and less depression! The only issue that I am having today is that suddenly after dinner I am having a tummy ache! I'm only at 28 points, but I cant really imagine getting anything in right now. So I'm going to take some pepto and wait a bit. Maybe I'll have a nutella and jam sandwich before bed.

So I have some events coming up where food is going to be openly available. I am co-hosting a party with a friend, and so I get to make some of the food available. I was thinking of making the meatballs that I made a while back. They end up making a pretty nice appetizer. The second event is a Christmas baking event. I'm not terribly worried about that as I don't particularly love cookies (I'll be making truffles. I am still looking for a recipe). Then we get to Christmas. I found a recipe for cranberry orange glazed ham on the WW web site. I could serve that with baked yams and a light green bean casserole. That way, no one would really feel like they were missing anything, and I wouldn't have to worry about not knowing the points of everything I am going to be eating. Dessert for me (at least) is going to be light homemade pumpkin pie. I'm excited. My family is very supportive and they know that I am going to be cooking "light" for dinner that night. I just want to make them happy.

I don't really fear pit falls anymore. I'm not afraid that I will make bad choices and more importantly I know that if I do make one or two less healthy choices that they can be overcome, and don't necessarily mean a gain that week. Life doesn't change just because I want it to, and honestly I need to realize that. There will always be something that I probably shouldn't eat. I can't force my eating habits on the world. So I will just have to stay strong.

All of you are so amazing in your journeys. Your honestly, you losses, and even your gains are inspiring. I look forward to reading your words even when I don't comment. Thank you all so much for supporting me.

4oz chicken breast: 4
1 serving steamed veggies: 0
1 serving light honey mustard: 1
1 can soup: 3
1 slice cheese: 1
1 serving cheddar rice cakes: 2
1 yogurt: 2
Spinach: 0
1 serving pickles: 0
1 serving salad top: 1
1 serving light ranch: 2
1 serving light cheese: 1
1 banana: 2
1 cup chinese pineapple chicken: 5
1 cup rice: 4
1 cup steamed broccoli: 0
1 cup (3 hours later) chinese p. chicken: 5
1 cup rice: 4
popcorn: 5
1 ww mini bar: 1
Total for the Day: 43/44

I cured my slump!


Rettakat said...

"I cured my slump." That is actually a very powerful statement! YOU cured it, it was a choice you made, and you can do that anytime you need to in the future. You didn't give up, you hung in there, worked at it, til you busted through. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Ditto--what Rettakat said! Good for you--makes me want to take a walk. :D So happy for you. Deb