The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 11

So my husbands father called us tonight as we were getting on the track to start our evening walk. He wants to treat us to dinner at...Golden Corral. A giant fat filled buffet! His treat. Of course the man doesn't know we are dieting, and he doesn't really have any other family than us. His father is anti social to say the least. Anyway, he wants to go either this weekend or next, and my husband told him we could go next weekend. Now, I know this could be a total disaster for me. I know it could ruin everything. I know I could just stay home. I wont though. I am going to go to the big evil buffet and defeat my monster. I am going to have salad, and a small meal. I am going to count my points and not go over them. I am going to come away from this place satisfied and not bloated and miserable. Then I'll probably run to the gym and reward my good behavior with some cardio in air conditioning, rather than the track. This is my plan! I am going to tie a piece of yarn to my wrist in some bright color to remind me every time I look at my hand that I am being responsible. Not trying, being.

Tomorrow is the grocery store! I have learned more this week! I need even more veggies and healthy snack plans so that I don't need two servings of anything to get me to my points goal. I find that even though I am not going over my points for the day, eating a second helping makes me feel ridiculously guilty. I cant have that. I give enough inner pep talks for everything from another 5 minutes on the tread mill to eating salad instead of getting the pizza special from the local carry out. I need to feel confident in my choices.

I did make it back to the gym today. I did my whole circuit, plus half a mile at the track tonight (got a ..thing... on my leg that needs to be taken care of so that walking doesn't feel like stabbing my inner thigh.) and so my mileage for the day is 1 1/2! Not bad for 400+lbs and sore! I am also going to the gym with Ashley tomorrow, so hopefully I can inspire myself to get some extra cardio done, I don't want to push the strength too much. I'm also feeling kinda not good tonight. My throat is sore, my head feels weird, and my nose is kinda stuffy. I hope I'm not getting sick. Is it okay to work out when you are sick?

1 serving oatmeal: 2pts
1/2 cup 2% milk: 2pts
1 cups cherries: 1pts
1 cups blueberries: 1pts
1 Turkey sandwich on whole wheat pita thins w/trimmings: 8pts
Meal (after gym)
1 serving chicken curry w/ 2 slices low calorie bread: 6pts
2 servings spaghetti w/ meat sauce: 15pts
1 low cal angel food cake: 1pts
1 med coffee w/ low fat creamer and equal: 5pts
1 serving ice cream: 2pts
Total for the day: 43/44
Leftover: 1pts

I'm okay with that!


G said...

Nice job at the gym!

As per the bigassed buffet, drink the biggest glass of water you can possible drink about 20-30 minutes before you show up, it will fill you up a little bit. The yarn idea is a great one.

Also, I would always think "shiesh, I should eat a couple hundred more calories than I am". Then I realized that I was UNDERestimating every single thing I ate. A food scale and a crapload of measuring cups helped remedy that.

Keep it up, the scales will smile upon you.

Molly Higgs said...

I don't think working out sick is a good idea because your body is already fighting and active even if you aren't and you don't want to wear it out so it can't keep up the fight.

Scarlet Simple said...

@G: I got a food scale tonight, but it's crap. I've already had to fix it twice, so I'm going to go tomorrow and get a different scale (or try to return that one to wal mart). What brand is your scale? The water idea is also a great one. I also thought about having a light lunch before going.

I hope the scales smile on me tomorrow at my weigh in!

@Molly: I ended up not working out this morning. I was down for the count, but ended up getting a bunch of walking done grocery shopping anyway. No rest for the weary!

G said...

I'm not even sure of the brand, I'll check it tonight and let you know.