The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 5

Today has been interesting to say the least. I spent most of it at a family baby shower. Now, my family eats. We eat for every single occasion possible. Weddings, funerals, birth, divorce, birthdays, etc. Today there was enough food at this one party for a small army. I got there at 2pm, having not eaten yet (my fault, last minute shower shopping in the morning, had to leave right after). The food was out, people were eating. In the past I would have jumped right in, sampling everything, eating more of what I liked, eating too much of what I liked the most. Today is a new day baby. I took a breath, I looked around. I had 1 plate and I put reasonable things on it. Half servings of a few things, and veggies. I ate it slowly, and I even followed it up with a bottle of water. Yes. I. Did. I was so proud of myself. I didn't run back into the kitchen to soothe my emotions (baby showers are rather hard for me) with finger sandwiches and potato salad! I ate, and enjoyed the company of family I almost never get to see. I did eat again, around 6:30 after the party had died down and most of the non family had left. It was 4 1/2 hours later, which is reasonable for my schedule, and I did not touch the food until I was hungry. Today, for this, I am incredibly proud of myself. I didn't even have a slice of the very pretty cake, or any of the sweets at all.

I'm worried about the points though. I came home and tried my best with the help of to figure out the point information for everything I ate at the party. I came up with 21 points total for both plates of food. This could be too much, it could be not enough. I am going to try to move on and not think about it beyond the fact that I counted as honestly as I could. Even if the points are wrong the day is a personal triumph for me!

I'm still having a bit of a time with depression, but I'm working on working through it. I'm recognizing it for the enemy that it is, and trying to not let it effect my progress. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am trying to learn how to keep my emotions separate from food. I'm trying to divide them and erase the habit of turning to food for mind numbing comfort. That's really hard to do.

Tomorrow morning at 9am will be my first WeightWatchers meeting!

Total Baby Shower points: 21pts
1 bubble tea: 5pts
Stir Fry w/noodles: 9.5pts
1 slice low calorie bread: 1pts
1 cup fake: 4pts
1.5 servings horse radish cheddar: 1.5pts
1 kozy shack simply well dark chocolate pudding: 1.5pts
Total for the Day: 43.5/44 points
Left: .5

I did eat as much as I could. Point 5 isn't bad eh?


Scale Junkie said...

I remember those family parties. I think you're better off having a few bites of what you want rather than not eating and binging on it later.

As for the depression, I'm right there with you. Fight it with all you have. I understand, I have 250 pounds to lose too.

Scarlet Simple said...

I agree. Its better to indulge a little than to feel frantic and binge later.

Dont let depression defeat you!