The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 2

Today has been really hard for me. I am having a really hard time getting all 44 points in. I(t might be a lot less of a problem tomorrow with a better meal plan and no real place to go. Today I got up and got ready to go grocery shopping and run some errands, and my room mate was making some zero point vegetable soup, so I had half the can. Well, I had like 4 bites of half the can because it was gross, and I wasn't feeling hungry and I was distracted by the chores at I didn't eat again until 6 or 7 hours later. At 10pm tonight I still had well over 30 points to spend, and dinner was only 5 points! I was feeling pressed to get the points in (everyone I talk to says you have to eat all of your points) and I feel like I binged! I still have 16 points left, and I am only up for another 3 1/2 hours.

So today has been bad, but not in a very usual way. Usually I'm here making excuses for myself or talking about how much bad crap I've eaten all day, and how I'll start over tomorrow...I don't need to do that today. I need to eat more. It's weird even typing that.

I have decided to go to actual meetings starting Sunday morning at 9AM! Normally I don't get up this early but I want to do this meeting in particular because its the 50+lbs to lose meeting. I know they have meetings that have higher weight loss minimums, but not around here that I can find (yet). I have to lose 50 pounds 5 times! ICK. I don't want to let that get me down. I just want to go two years and see where it lands me. With propper planning of course. :)

Oh and I realized that 1/2 cup uncooked spaghetti is actually 1 cup cooked!

1/2 can veg soup: 0 pts
1 Smart Ones Frozen Entree (Chicken Teryake w/veggies and rice): 4 pts
1 WW white chocolate raspberry yogurt: 1 pt
1 cup spaghetti w/1/2 cup sauce: 5 pts
1/2 chic fila wrap w/ 1 serving ranch dressing: 8 pts
1 serving baked chicken w/veggies: 5 pts
1 full fat yogurt: 5 pts
2 servings 2pt ice cream: 5 pts
2servings OJ: 5 pts
1 WW ice cream bar: 2 pts
Total for the day: 40/44 points
Leftover: 4

I will be formating the food list into meals and snacks tomorrow, and probably editing this to include something else tonight before I go to bed. Maybe 5pts worth of ice cream, or ANYTHING that gets me closer to 44! I havent spent *any* of my extra. Hopefully going to some meetings will help me with strategy.

Until tomorrow then.

EDIT: I did add in some more snacks, but at 40 points I am done. I know I still have 4 more, but I am totally not hungry and feel like I have been binging, even though I haven't. I don't want my metabolism to crash and I'm not looking to starve myself. I'm looking to reevaluate and do better tomorrow. :) Wish me luck!

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