The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 6

Oh baby, day 6! Tomorrow I will have done this for a whole week! Its strange, I'm having a good time so far. Now, this isn't to say that it has been easy. No no no. There have been moments even in this first week where I have had to talk myself out of quitting, and running to the nearest Golden Corral, or eating the very pointy thing that someone is offering. Its just that every single time I make the right choice I feel so good. In that moment I feel a little regret too, I mean come on people! I am addicted to food. I am having fun eating new things, and learning healthier ways to cook the things I love. I am enjoying learning portion sizes! Who knew!

I went to Weight Watchers today. I got there on time and was weighed. I weigh...417.8! I could be sad about that, but lets face it: I weighed myself over a month ago and weighed the same. I could have gained and then lost, or I could have maintained. Even having maintained is good for me, especially when I dont really know what I weighed last Tuesday when I started this parade down Diet Street.

As far as the actual meeting goes, it was nice. The people there are so genuine and good. I'm not sure how I feel about the meeting leader though. She seems a little rushed, but there were so many of us, and so many questions etc. I want so badly to go every single week, and I want to keep this thing going! I want these meetings and these weigh ins to help hold me accountable for my behavior. I did go to the 50+lbs to lose meeting and I was still noticeably the largest person there. I don't care! Well, I mean, I do...but not enough to stop going. I am going to be there in the program longer than anyone else in that room (assuming everyone stays with the diet the right way). I have to stop being discouraged by the idea that people could look at me. We are all there for the same reason.

I walked last night with the dogs, and I walked tonight with my lab mix at the track. I did 3/4 of a mile. Tomorrow I want to try and do a whole mile. I need to remember to bring water with me, for myself and my dogs. I am hoping to get Chad out one last time to take the rest of the dogs for a walk too.

Points aren't coming easy today. But I have like two more hours before an hour before bedtime (is that confusing?). I want to close my kitchen by 3am every night, an hour before bed.

1 English muffin: 3pts
1 serving raspberry jam: 1pts
1/2 slice cheese: .5pts < 1pts
1 serving tabasco: 0pts
1 serving taco soup: 3pts
2 slices low calorie bread: 2pts
1 serving turkey breast lunch meat: 2pts
1 serving mayo: 2pts
1 serving mustard: 1pts
1 slice cheese: 1pts
1 slice tomato: 0pts
15 Thin Crisps: 3pts
2 Servings Spinach Dip: 3pts
1 serving sloppy joe: 3pts
1 whole wheat hamburger roll: 2pts
1 serving broccoli: 0pts
1 bag 94% fat free popcorn: 1pts
1.5 servings of Chicken Pumpkin Risotto: 13pts
1 serving laughing cow cheese: 1pts
1 Serving mustard: 1pts
Yoplait low fat yogurt parfait: 2pts
Total for the Day: 44/44pts 1/28 extra points(renews Tuesday)
Leftover: 0pts 27/35 extra points for the week.

I didn't realize the mustard I was using had points! Oops, added them in and it put me over my points by 1. Ah well.


Chubby Chick said...

Keep making those good choices, girl! They're all going to add up! And good for you for going to WW! That is absolutely fantastic... and I'm sure the support and encouragement will be so beneficial to you!

I weighed 400 pounds when I started to lose weight this past February. So... do not feel like you are alone. My motto has always been, "Just take it one day at a time and do the best that you can each day." I've done that pretty consistently over the past 7 months... and I've lost nearly 60 pounds. If I can do it... I KNOW that you can, too!

So... hang in there! Keep doing what you're doing... and the weight WILL come off!!! :)

Scarlet Simple said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad someone is reading this, its so encouraging.

I am trying to take it one day at a time. I'm trying not to worry about tomorrow or yesterday.

You keep doing what you are doing too, you have such a great attitude! I know you will make it!