The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 12

I am definitely sick. I have burning through my sinuses and my throat, and my nose is alternating between running horribly and being completely congested. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I felt like that this morning too, and did not go to the gym with Ashley like I had wanted to. I want to be able to go to the gym on Monday and do a complete circuit, and I want to be well enough by tomorrow night to make it back to the track. I had wanted to rest today, but I needed groceries or all I'd have to eat would be thin crisps and ice cream! It was a long day. The car over heated, we switched cars, we went to 4 stores total. By the time I finally ate something it was 5 something in the evening, which is admittedly my lunch time. We were short on time (as we were borrowing a car) so we didn't want to go home and eat, so we decided to try Wendy's. Not really a bad choice. I had a bacon and cheddar baked potato, and a small chili. My total for that meal was only 13pts. That isn't even unreasonable for my day, so why do I feel so guilty? I feel like today was a failure even though I didn't go over my points. I didn't hit my points target either. I'm at 39 points for the day and I cant eat any more. I think that's partly to do with my feeling so ill right now, and also because I ended up eating the bulk of my points late in the day. So yeah, I feel like today was a failure, but it cant be. I didn't cheat, I didn't binge, I didn't give up, or say "tomorrow's another day" like I have in the past. So another win for me, even if I didn't get in all my fruits and veggies today. Boo-yah, to my diet demons.

A fellow blogger, Greg, posted a goal board with some secondary (to actual weight loss) goals on it. It's such a great idea, and a motivator! I have a few of my own:

1. Dance without hurting my ankles
2. Run with my dogs
3. Paint my own toe nails
4. Buy clothes at Wal-Mart
5. Buy lingere... anywhere.
6. Ride the rides at an amusement park
7. Sit in a lawn chair!
8. Fit effortlessly into any seat belt.
9. Wear a size 12 party dress.
10. Be lifted by my husband...

Do you have any secondary goals?

Weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers! Wish me luck, and hope I dont need it!

Today: (not posting as meals as today was so discombobulated)
1 small w chili: 4pts
1 w bacon and cheese potato: 9pts
1 cup cooked rice noodles: 4pts
1 serving chicken curry: 4pts
1 whole wheat low fat bagel: 2pts
2oz chargrilled steak strips (hopefully overestimate, as they we part of leftovers): 5pts
1 serving teryake sauce: 1pts
1 thai egg roll: 4pts
1 apple: 1pts
1 serving ice cream: 2pts
1 yogurt parfait: 2pts
Total for the day: 38/44
Leftover: 6/44

I know! But lets look at the bright side: I did not over eat, and I did not give up. I could have blown my points in sick misery, and I didn't! Win!


Rebekah Costello said...

I think you're doing fantastically!
I mean, really, when I'm sick, I wanna give up on as far as I'm concerned, you're amazing!

Rayne said...

Im sick to :( *sniffles*

G said...

A dumb little comment to add: We went out and bought our own lawn chairs. Big Lots had some chairs that fit me just fine (high capacity), and we got 4 chairs + table for 50 bucks. Definately a good purchase!

As per the tiny plastic chairs... fuck those things.