The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 9

I found it! Look at that bath tub! That is going to be where my husband takes me for our anniversary. It's also going to be my reward for sticking to this! This hotel was brought to my attention by Becky. She and her husband also want to go there for their 10th anniversary in December! The hotel is called The 1840s Carrollton Inn, and it's located here in Baltimore. It's beautiful, and romantic, and perfect! Someday my husband and I will be able to take a bath together at home, but until then this will do. :)

Today was so good. I made it to the gym again today! I am going to continue saying "made it" to the gym because every day that I do is a triumph. Every day that I stick to what I set out to do is a blessing. I have failed myself so many times. I wont say that I cant this time, because that is totally untrue. I have to keep telling myself that I wont though. I made it to the gym, and they moved the arm curl machine for me! I can get in and out without embarrassment. At the gym I do 8 strength exercises, chest press, rear deltoid, arm extension, arm curl, back extension, ab crunch, leg extension, and leg curl. I do 2 sets of 12 reps on each machine. I warm up on the treadmill for 15 minutes before, and 15 minutes after. today I set the treadmill to 2.1, two weeks from now I would like to be doing 2.5 or better. I feel good about this! I weigh over 400lbs, and I can do this! I feel hope thinking about that. We also made it to the track tonight with the dogs. I did another whole mile! That puts my mileage today at 2! I have so many doubts about myself and this diet, but every time I go to the gym I feel like I can push all of that noise into the back of my head. I feel empowered, and confident. Life is pretty stressful right now, but I can do this. I can set my mind to this task, and suceed at the most important thing I have ever tried to do.

I feel like this post has been all over the place tonight, but then, so has my head. I also made it to the store today and bought extra veggies and fruit, and things to make healthy smoothies to go along with my breakfast in the mornings. I need to get into the habit of making myself oatmeal every morning, and I need to make another batch of taco soup for the next two weeks lunches for my husband.

2 servings taco soup: 7pts
1 serving low fat cheddar: 1pts
1 gala apple: 1pts
1 pizza bagel (I am so addicted) on even lower fat, and whole wheat bagel: 5pts
1 turkey sandwich w/ trimmings: 7pts
1 serving saute'd cauliflour: 0pts
Snack after workout:
8oz Naked Protein Juice Smoothie: 5pts
15 thin crisps: 3pts
1 serving dip: 1pts
1 serving chinese pineapple chicken w/rice: 6pts
1/2 cup rice w/very little sauce: 3pts
1 serving low fat ice cream: 2pts
Total for the Day: 41/44
Leftover: 3!

Edit: Oops! I made a mistake! I thought that I followed the directions to serve 6 when I made tonight's dinner, but a re-read after dinner alerted me to the fact that it was to serve 4! Oh no! We will live, but there is a lesson in this! Pay attention to the directions! My 3rd grade math teacher would be twitching at me right now... So tonight's dinner included the rice (1/2 cups though, so still have to count two points of that) and was only 4 points! Which means I didn't use any of my extra points, and still have 3 to spare...


G said...

Nice job on the two miles! Make sure you get a little bit of water every half mile or so, it goes a long way in keeping yourself going steady

Molly Higgs said...

I'm so jealous I didn't get to eat any nummies. Congrats on the mile and the arm curl machine. I'm really proud of you and your victories!

Scarlet Simple said...

I'm not so good at remembering to being water with me, for me or my dogs, but tonight I am going to leave a note for myself on my desk top, hopefully I will remember.

Molly, don't be jealous, I will be making that again, and next time I wont mes up the points and everyone can whole WHOLE portions lol.