The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 8

Day 8 has been hard. I have all these doubts about my diet and my food choices. I'm afraid I wont do this right. I have been thinking about the one thing I don't like so much about the meeting. It was nice, and it was motivational...but it left me in a place of unknowing. All of these people are losing weight, and I am here with 44 points! Will I lose weight? If I really stick to those 44, but drink almost exclusively crystal light will it still count? I think I am getting better about getting my veggies in, but is that true? I still feel like I have way too many snacks! Its really hard to get 44 points in every day. I am doing it as best I can though. I'm scared to go weigh in on Sunday. Even if I get all of my gym time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and walk with the dogs every night, will that matter? I am so ready for this, but I feel so unsure about my actions. All of this doubt! Gah! Its leading me to a scary place. I have been thinking about this all day, and it's exhausting. I said I would just jump in and do this for a year right? I cant expect to get everything right all together at first. I'm so impatient, but the truth is hard. This is going to take time. This is going to have to be a lifestyle. You hear people say that all of the time and its true. Its about losing the weight and getting healthy and maintaining. Forever. Never ever coming back to this dark place.

What I learned in my first week:
1. To buy more vegetables. I need to buy things like bagged baby carrots that I can just reach into the fridge and get out. When I am stressed, or sad or bored, or emotional at all I dont have the patience to clean and cut up something healthy. Not having easily accesable veggies around is setting myself up for failure.
2. It's okay to say no. People wont think less of you because you didnt accept their offer to share a greasy piece of Bo' Jangles fried chicken.

2 cups cooked oatmeal w/splenda: 5pts
1 gala apple: 1pts
1/2 cup 2% milk: 2pts
1 WW Choc. Ice cream Sandwich: 2pts
Lunch: Turkey sandwich w/o cheese on a low fat/high fiber english muffin: 6pts
2 cups steamed broccoli: 1pts
3 cups spinach w/ pickles, tomato: 0pts
1 serving ranch dressing: 4pts
1 pizza bagel low fat: 7pts
1 gala apple: 1pts
1 serving Mexican meatloaf: 3pts
1 serving mac and cheese: 6pts
1 serving mixed veggies: 0pts
1 serving ice cream: 2pts
1 serving 94% fat free popcorn: 1pts
Total for the Day: 41/44pts
Leftover: 3pts

I am done eating! I dont think I could if I tried! I am getting better at the choices though!


Rayne said...

you can and will do this, those people that are at the meetings have the same thoughts they gain and lose different amounts of weight just as you will just as I will just as Molly will. Its going to be a long road but its going to be a road we take together we will laugh and cry and eat together. we will drop a pound one week then gain 2 the next we will drop 5 pounds the next week and then gain one. its just how it works. Your body will even its self out and then soon we will get a steady weight loss and Muscle gain every week. I have faith that it will happen, and come on I dont have faith in anything else so I know we can do this.

Scarlet Simple said...

I know we can do this, I have faith that we can, the scale just scares me. Not because I'm afraid to gain so much as I am afraid that gaining one week when I feel like I have been so good will kill all of my motivation. I'm not saying I'll let it, but I cant promise it wont really depress me.

I have faith in us!

Rayne said...

no no that happens there are weeks when youll feel like you did awesome, and weeks that you feel like your sure you would have lost pounds and pounds of weight and youll get on the scale and you would have gained like a pound on .5 of a pound. but you need to remember that thats ok! thats most likely muscle. and youll lose weight the next week. and then there will be weeks where youll feel like you know youve gained weight but you get on the scale and you lost! and you know I could just tell you all of this your sitting 2 feet from me... but yeah... your watching TV and talking and Im in your kitchen being all Anti Social.

G said...

Its easy to second guess every single thing to do, and there never was or will be a perfect thing to follow, no checklist.

Losing 252 pounds (made me laugh because my goal is a full two pounds less than yours!) is not going to happen between today and your next weigh-in. You have to be able to try something, and see what the scale says 4 days later when you weigh in.

Even the slightest modification of diet and easy amount of exercise will yield great results very fast.

Bottom line: If you're losing weight, you're doing it right!

You'll know the answers to your questions when you give them time and you see\don't see results.

(I'm only 2 months into this myself, and its been very challenging, and VERY rewarding. I just randomely clicked on some other blog's followers link to find this blog, as to not seem stalkerish!)

Scarlet Simple said...

Ashley, you arent antisocial. We all all in the house, blogging together lol.

@G- You are so right! I do have to give this time. I'm certainly not going to be able to worry the weight away.

I clicked on your name and such and I'm not you have a blog? I wouldn't mind following your progress as well. I don't think its stalkerish! The more people reading this, the more motivation I have to stay on track!

G said...

Ya, its, I also just joined a site called, but I don't really know what the heck I'm doing with it.