The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 60

First of all, this is actually day 60! Day 60!

Second I want to apologize for not updating on time these past two days, tonights update for day 61 will also come sometime tomorrow. The internet service here at Nekocon is terrible in the videogame tournament room, which is where I staff, and the hotel wants 10 bucks a day for their service...and really I'm only in the room long enough to have a snack and sleep. I know some of you cant imagine how this could possible be relaxing...but it is. Nekocon is the lazy con. We come down here to VA and we staff the videogaming section. We play all day and hang out with friends and at night we get to go back to a comfy hotel connected to the convention center and sleep. I am having a really good time. I just wish I could let go of the stress at home.

I have been staying on top of my points and I have been doing well so far. I'm not making good food choices and I haven't been able to exercise but I have been staying within my points allowance. This is a good test for Thanksgiving and Christmas, because really that is my plan for those days. Have fun, be responsible. I wont lose 60 days to one weekend.

I dont have my food journal with me at the convention, but I have been updating it every night before bed so I will add in all of my food lists on Sunday night when I make my Day 62 post hopefully from home.

Thanks so much you guys for sticking with me!

1 ww frozen meal: 6
1 chicken sandwich: 7
1 serv bbq: 1
2 bites mashed potato: 1
1/2 order chinese spare ribs w/ white rice: 25 (estimated using calorieking and the internet)
1 ww frozen meal: 5
Total for the Day: 44/45 and 1/35

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Patsy said...

Hope you're feeling a lot less 'stressy' today...