The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 71

Today was another step in the right direction because I met my goals again. I went to the gym and got my 2.46 miles in. Another 60 minutes down. Today was cardio only, tomorrow is a circuit day. I stuck to my points even though I had lunch out with friends, and I got some sun!

Today my friend Ashley did something very touching for me. She made me a paperclip chain with 36 paper clips, one for each pound lost so far. WW users sometimes talk about them, and my meeting leader has mentioned them once, but no one has really talked in depth about them yet. I have one now and its very motivating to see the chain, and know that I get to add to it physically each week. Something tangible. I have 216 more pounds to go so its going to be HUGE. I'll wrap it around the Christmas tree or something eventually.

This is a quick post tonight because I want to go to bed early for once!

1 bowl size serving of chicken enchilada soup: 10
1/4 of 1/2 (oh the confusion!) serving loaded fries: 7
6 tortilla chips: 3
3 cups mixed lettuce: 0
1/4th cup diced tomato: 0
1/4th cup shredded carrots: 0
1 tbsp light ranch: 1
1 arnolds sandwich thin: 1
1/2 serving nutella: 2
1 serving jam: 1
1/2 cup light eggnog: 3
1/2 cup skim milk: 1
1 ww mini bar: 1
1 yogurt: 2
1 serving spaghetti: 4
1 serving sauce w/:
1 serving carrots
1 serving peppers
1/2 serving mushrooms: 1
1 arnolds sandwich thin: 1
1 serving sauce w/ veggies included: 1
1/8th cup cheese: 1
1 frozen egg roll: 3
1 serving light honey mustard dressing: 1
Total for the Day: 44/44

Good night!


Rettakat said...

A paperclip chain! What a fun idea. I like the idea of a tangible thing to represent the progress.

I remember after losing the first 40 pounds, and feeling discouraged, that my hubby got out a suitcase and loaded it up with 40 pounds of books. Then he told me to lift it, and try to carry it around... Yikes!! I was no longer discouraged, LOL!

100in12 said...

i love that paperclip chain idea. i might have to steal that or something like it :-D

you're doing so great - keep it up!

CinciMom11 said...

What a neat idea! Good job on sticking to your points even though you were out with friends. That is so tough. Keep it up!

Scarlet Simple said...

Thanks guys. It really is a fun and great idea! I was looking at it last night with my husband and it is bigger than I felt like it would look if you know what I mean. It is uplifting to see it that way.

Thanks so much.