The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 75

Let me just start out by saying that my mother decided to go to the gym at 7am. Uh, no. No matter how much I want it I can not get up that early. That is 3 or less (sometimes) hours after my bedtime. It wasn't really her fault or anything, it was bad communication. Obviously we have different definitions of "early". Its alright though, I was out and about all day and I did get in some cardio. It was not as intense as at the gym, but I was moving today. I'm satisfied with my week. I dont think I can set goals as high this week coming as I am going to be involved in the Holiday all week. I'd still like to make it to the gym 4 times this week coming, but I will talk more about that after tomorrows weigh in.

I went to the Golden Corral today. It really wasn't that hard. I mean, honestly it isn't the place I would chose for a meal every week, but their food isn't really all that high in points. I had 3 plates over the coarse of about 2 1/2 hours. First I had a huge salad, the only downside was no low fat or fat free dressing. Then two modest sized plates filled with mostly steamed veggies (a little bit of butter in the steaming I think, but not enough to hurt me). For dessert I had 3 cookies. Not bad at all, and i still managed to stop eating by 11pm.

In any case my weigh in is tomorrow morning, and I have a long day after. I really want to do well, and so I am putting myself to bed right after this post.

Wish me luck! I want 5lbs lost, but I will take anything. A loss is still a win!

1 small chili: 4
1 baked potato w/cheese: 8
1 yogurt: 2
Huge serving spinach: 0
2 beat slices: 0
carrots: 0
1 green bell pepper ring: 0
broccoli: 0
cauliflower: 0
1/2 egg: 1
1/4th cup cheddar cheese: 2
3 tbsp ranch: 4
1 serving meat loaf: 3
1/4th cup sweet potato casserole (unsure, not listed on site, so counted high): 4
1 serving steamed broccoli: 0
1 serving steamed cauliflower: 0
1 serving steamed carrots: 0
1 serving bourbon chicken: 3
1/2 (probably less) red bliss potato, steamed: 3
1/8th cup (literally just a taste) corn bread stuffing: 1
3 slices pear: 0
3 tiny pieces (would have fit into a tablespoon) shrimp: 1
2 pieces boneless buffalo chicken: 2
1 bite moms burger: 2
3 cookies: 6
Total for the Day: 44/44

Whew! Just made it!

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