The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 69

Alrighty, I lost 3.4lbs this week. That brings my total to 36lbs. 5 more lbs and I will have hit my 10% mark! I will take progress photos at 40lbs lost. My husband has 8 more lbs to go until he hits goal. He is grumpy over losing another point. Good thing he's cute when he's grumpy...

Today was pretty okay. I used some of my extra points on popcorn at the theatre and a snack when I came home. It was on purpose and I don't feel bad about it. I am planning to step it up though for the rest of the week. I'm feeling better (though it might just be that it didn't rain today for the first time in almost a week! I can not stress this enough.) so I'm going to set goals for the rest of this week.

1st goal: 5 days of the gym, Monday - Friday.
2nd goal: 300 minutes of cardio, no excuses. That's an hour a day on the treadmill or other cardio activity.
3rd goal: 3 days of strength training, 3 to 4 sets on each machine. (Yeah, I'll take it easy, there are a few machines I simply can not do 4 sets on, and I wont hurt myself.)
4th goal: Sunlight. At least an hour a day, weather permitting. Even if its just sitting on the front porch reading, or getting some of my cardio in outside the gym. If the dreary weather really did dial me to zero I should keep abreast of that.
5th goal: Budget and not have to use any extra points this week.
6th goal: Actually post the things that I have learned this week. I haven't done that in a while and its way too easy to lose sight of what you have accomplished when you don't take the time to acknowledge it.

I'm not punishing myself. These are all things I have done in the last 69 days, but I have fallen away from them, and recently have felt like I was just towing the line. I want to push myself. I want my efforts to accurately reflect my commitment to this journey. There will be weeks where I cant keep this kind of a time commitment (the gym) going, but I will give it my best. I'm not starting over either, I don't need to, and I said I wouldn't. I'm just adding a little bit of momentum and "oomph" to the parade. It's time to brush off the confetti and continue marching.

1 egg: 1
1 slice turkey bacon: 1
1 slice cheese: 1
6 oz potatoes O'Brien: 2
1 bagel: 2
Sushi: 12
4 pan fried dumplings: 7
3 small pieces sesame chicken: 4
2 bites salmon (it was awful): 1
6 red grapes: 0
1 slice cantaloupe: 1
3 small tastes of brother's dessert plate: 2
1/2 small crab cake: 1
1 spring roll: 4
1 ww mini bar: 1
popcorn at the movies sans butter: 8
1 arnolds sandwich thin: 1
1/2 serving nutella: 2
1 serving jam: 1
Total for the Day: 44/44 & 8/30
Leftover: 22/35


Rettakat said...

Sounds like a very good week! 3.4 lbs lost, lessons learned, pushing yourself, adding oomph...yep, a very good week... Congrats!

CinciMom11 said...

Girlfriend, don't be too hard on yourself! 3.4 pounds is awesome, so it seems like what you're doing is working. Be careful about not using the extra points: WW intends for you to use them, and they're part of the plan. Don't restrict yourself too much!

100in12 said...

congrats on the 3.4! that's a great number :-D

you'll get to 40 (and beyond!) in no time, just keep on keepin' on.

Chubby Chick said...

Wow! Congrats on another great loss! And... good luck with your goals! You can do it! :)

Amazon Runner said...

Wooo-hoo girlfriend, you are moving right along! You go girl!

G said...

Its kinda crazy how you can see how strict you were X weeks ago, and it slowly creeps up on you and you're like "whoa, I haven't did this in 2 months!"

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

That is a very good week! Congrats! :) I am all for pushing yourself, just don't get down if you don't meet ALL of your goals. It's hard to have PERFECT weeks. So just try your best to meet those goals and you will have a great week!