The Journey So Far...

The Journey So Far...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 175

Today has been amazingly horrible. All day yesterday I was suffering a tension headache, quite literally all day. Last night was also awful, I got hardly any sleep and when I was asleep I was grinding my teeth because of the pain. So today my teeth hurt, as well as my head. I tried to go out today, after taking many pain killers only to find that the severe pain just keeps coming back. I don't know what caused the headache, but I know I'm completely non-functional. I cant pack, or cook, or concentrate very long, which is why you are receiving this update early tonight. I'm terribly tired from not being able to sleep last night and with this pain on top I'm afraid I wont be competent to post later.

I went to the mall with friends earlier because at the time my pain had receded some and I was afraid to sit at home miserable all day. I am now sitting at home with my head and neck wrapped in heating pads, overdosing on pain meds. Perhaps tomorrow I will rejoin the human race and catch up with what is going on in my life.

My food wasn't great today, but I managed to get in a lot of vegetables.

2 servings steamed veggies: 1
1 serving beef with broccoli: 3
1 serving spicy beef: 13
1 arnolds sandwich thin: 1
Leftover chili: 8
1 serving ww cheese: 2
1 serving chicken and green bean casserole: 9
1 ww yogurt: 1

I am planning on having a yogurt before going to bed to get in a little more dairy today!


Patsy said...

Hope you slept well and feel better soon...

Rettakat said...

Oh, I am so sorry for this physical pain... I hope it goes away pronto!!

anne h said...

A good night's sleep is the most important thing -maybe next to coffee??

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog! I also have PCOS, so I can totally relate!